Friday, July 18, 2008

Education, Energy, Healthcare And Honoring The Troops

I admit it, I'm confused.  What exactly did she do wrong?  This isn't the Bible belt and mentioning a German study that finds a link between maternal stress and homosexuality falls into the category of proper discussion in a Biology class.  Doesn't it?
The controversy centers on an incident in June 2007, when Sheldon was asked by a student in a human heredity class about heredity's impact on "homosexual behavior in males and females." Among other references, Sheldon noted a German study demonstrating some link between maternal stress and homosexual behavior in males, according to the lawsuit.
Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) speaks some common sense on energy policy, how very few people are thrilled with the current candidates and Phil Gramm's disconnect with the average American.
Peterson: Well, Phil Gramm is a very smart guy and he knows the economy well, but Phil Gramm doesn’t know the people I know. Phil Gramm must be insulated from the working poor. If he was around the working poor, he would have never said it. The working poor are struggling. This is not a recession in their mind. This is a difficult time where they are struggling to pay their bills. ... He thinks that’s not going on out in America; he just hasn’t been out there. He must come from a pretty affluent neighborhood and a pretty affluent family. ...

Sometimes the people who whine have more and are just angry they have to spend more. The whiners I know aren’t poor. 
And I thought the ABC commenters were lacking in intellectual ability. They have nothing on the Politico commenters. Heaven forbid that they should actually discuss the points of the article on energy, they're too busy getting lost on the nuances of whether the press is too liberal and giving Obama a pass and some guy defending Cheney by saying he was only in the oil business for five years. Absolutely fascinating how the 28%s are determined to stay in fantasyland.  At the expense of the country.

For years Cuba has been made out to be a backward country, but if I get breast or bum cancer that's where I'm going to wish I was.  Did you know that the food is pretty tasty there too?

Pat Tillman wasn't a friendly fire death, it was deliberate murder and the government is doing its best to cover it up.    And being shot by the people on your side isn't friendly, it's gross negligence.

Unlike the crew without a clue and their military advisers,  the troops knew they were probably going to die on Hamburger Hill  their mission in Wanat, Afghanistan.  If only our leaders had the courage that our overworked, overburdened and underprotected troops have.  If they aren't being shot or blown up, they're being electrocuted back at the base.  Meanwhile, the brass thinks the powers that be deserve to travel in style.  Why is it that Reserves, National Guard and regular troops are considered so expendable?


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