Thursday, July 17, 2008

Entertainment, Education And Life In America

Somebody is going to be so happy.  And they are.  G.W.Bailey should have been nominated for something, like in the best supporting actor in a comedy even though The Closer is a a drama.  Other than that, I have no complaints or interest.  Except for Michael C. Hall for Dexter, loved him.  My friend Linda will be happy about Bryan Cranston's nomination for Breaking Bad.  She just got the first season on DVD and wants to have a Breaking Bad party.  Now I have another reason to go.

Planet smashing and our earth has the scars to prove it.

That would be 25%, wouldn't it?  When I was in school very few people dropped out, now it seems the norm.  Do you think the educational system has something to do with it?  Maybe they should go back to teaching instead of testing.  Music and art classes might help those who aren't cut out to do math and science, but that's just too easy of a solution, isn't it?

Says it all, doesn't it?  Our wonderful culture of life, isn't.
Despite spending $230m (£115m) an hour on healthcare, Americans live shorter lives than citizens of almost every other developed country. And while it has the second-highest income per head in the world, the United States ranks 42nd in terms of life expectancy.
Japanese, for example, can expect to outlive Americans, on average, by more than four years. In fact, citizens of Israel, Greece, Singapore, Costa Rica, South Korea and every western European and Nordic country save one can expect to live longer than Americans.

There are also wider differences, the report shows. The average Asian woman, for example, lives for almost 89 years, while African-American women live until 76. For men of the same groups, the difference is 14 years.

One of the main problems faced by the US, says the report, is that one in six Americans, or about 47 million people, are not covered by health insurance and so have limited access to healthcare.

As a result, the US is ranked 42nd in global life expectancy and 34th in terms of infants surviving to age one. The US infant mortality rate is on a par with that of Croatia, Cuba, Estonia and Poland. If the US could match top-ranked Sweden, about 20,000 more American babies a year would live to their first birthday.
The housing scam is being revealed in all its glory.  Everybody was out to make a buck and didn't care who got hurt in the process.  Now it's coming back to bite us in the ass.  Remember years ago when we dragged our heels to bail out New York City but we did bailed out Chrysler with no problem?  That was the beginning of the blatant in your face we don't care about people, we care about corporations thinking that runs this country now.  Into the ground, I might add.

I don't care how pretty it is, I'm not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  Do you have any idea how many Valiums I would have to take just to get on the plane?  I certainly wouldn't do it just so I could see some scenery from the air while hoping my chute would open.  A thrill queen I am not.


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