Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exercises In Futility

Priceless.  My favorite quote of the week comes from Spencer Ackerman in Sam Stein's article about why Obama is more popular  with Jewish people than Joe Lieberman and Republicans in general.  I love how he sums it up in a nutshell.  And these are numbers that rarely get mentioned on television.
"Seventy-four percent of us view Bush unfavorably and 83 percent of us disapprove of his job performance," Ackerman wrote. "While 76 percent of the country as a whole says the U.S. is on the wrong track, an astonishing 90 percent of American Jews say the same. Only 21 percent of us approve of the Iraq war and only 29 percent think Bush is good for Israel, and those are clearly the shmucks that kissed ass in Hebrew school and snitched when the rest of us used the synagogue phone booth and cloakroom to make out."
Somebody isn't going to be in the will.  Stories like this happen all the time, it's just that when you belong to Hollywood, you have no privacy.

Unless you have money, you aren't "in" the party.  Therefore the powers that be only pay attention when they need your vote.   That is how the older generation has always treated the younger generation.

Sounds like a Lee Iacocca moment.  More symbolic than helpful and the people on the bottom who need the help are still ignored.

Of course they are.  Haven't you seen them sweating?  Arms and legs moving all the time and some drummers even sing.  It's the partying after performing that seems to kill them.

And it won't be worth a dime when the big one hits.  Some people really do have too much money.

One can only hope.  That they catch more war criminals.  Especially ones that can only speak English, mangled though it may be, and think they are above the law.

I have two and after fourteen years, I'm still very happy with them.  But then I waited twenty years after I decided I wanted one so I knew I wasn't going to regret my decision.  Plus, I'm not really prone to peer pressure.


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