Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Knew?

Every soldier that has died in Iraq could have been used to quell the Taliban in Afghanistan and catch Osama bin Laden.  Years ago.  After almost seven years of constant war and not much has been accomplished except spreading the pain of loss to more of our military families.  So much for making the instigators pay for 9/11.  Bin Laden looks like the winner in this contest.  One man holding out against the might of the United States for seven years.  There is something just not kosher about this situation.

Ferengi Rule #269. Trying to please an enemy makes you the loser every time. Too bad the Demowienies haven't learned that. They seem more comfortable operating by Ferengi Rule #28. What's in it for me?

Living on the poor side of town is about to get slightly easier since Macy's, Wal-Mart and a British grocery chain discovered that there is money in those neighborhoods.

Officer Nugent sounds like a person who must have put his fingers in the electric sockets many times if he believed that a man could survive six 50,000 volt taser shocks in three minutes.  And then three more a few minutes later.  He sounds like the kind of person who laughed every time he watched don't tase me bro.

Absolutely unconscionable.  Raising the price of a drug that needs to be used as soon as possible in order to prevent mental retardation in affected infants from $1,800 a dose to $23,000 smacks of a "let's make money mentality" as opposed to a "let's use this drug to help children", especially since they didn't have to do research and development on it.  Shameful.  On the bright side, Hopkins proved that there was a $15 alternative that worked equally well.  The universe can work in mysterious ways.

Search engines can be another indicator of an economy that isn't doing so well.  Searches for pizza (Dominos by 980%) are up and sit-down restauraants are declining.  U-Haul and Motel 6 are popular again while Macy's has dropped almost out of the top 50.


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