Monday, July 07, 2008

In The Garden

My garden isn't fancy and it isn't even in the ground (too many toxic chemicals), but it is growing despite the fact that Shadow is constantly digging in either the Jetsetter tomato pot or digging up my peas and green beans.

Facing away from the beans and peas are the tomatoes.  The right side has the Early Girls, Purple Cherokee and Ace.  The Girls are starting to ripen, as is the Cherokee.

On the left, under the bougainvillea the landlord won't let me trim,  are the Jetsetter, Green Zebra and Brandwine.  None of them are ripe because they aren't getting enough sunlight and I can't move them because the trellis is supporting them as they grow.

Then there are the serranos, of which I have flowers but no peppers.

Last and certainly not least, are the herbs, beets and chard.  I've let the cilantro go and now it's producing coriander seeds.    And you can't really see the out of control chives behind the basil that isn't doing as well as I would like.  The empty spot is where Shadow has dug up whatever she felt like chewing on.  Like the dead green bean plant on the side of the trellis.

I can hardly wait until I have enough ripe tomatoes of all sorts so I can make the Heirloom Tomato Tart.  I admit I cheat and use frozen pie dough that I add lots of cracked pepper to before blind baking it and I substituted goat cheese for the mozzarella.  It rocks!


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