Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bankruptcy, Drugs And Idiots

At least breathing while black didn't get him killed, but the UK police aren't quite as trigger happy as a US cops.  Yet.  At this rate the world will become one great police state, united in the fear of others that don't look like them and in subjugation to whichever multinational corporation runs their government.

Sammy Hagar may not be able to drive 55, but the rest of us should.  Mom and I took a trip and I set the cruise control at 64 mph.  I passed one car in 150 miles,  everyone else passed me.  Trucks and SUVs were whipping past me so fast it looked I like I was standing still, but my gas mileage was much improved.  If it wasn't so dangerous I would go 55 mph but it's against the law to go more than 5 mph less than the speed limit and I'm likely to get rear ended by someone not paying attention.

The current bankruptcy law definitely needs to be repealed, and not just for those harmed by repeated involutary tours to Iraq and Afghanistan or those who had the misfortune to become ill in a country that let's people die in the emergency room while waiting for help.  What about people who have had to lower their standard of living to the poverty level in order to take care of an aging parent?   I'm having to take (and pay for) classes to teach me how to handle money I don't have.  What a crock or crap that is.  And the filing fee has taken months to save up for from a budget that already doesn't pay my bills.  Meanwhile Capital One took a bill that was only $600 and turned it into $2160 and is taking me to court to get a judgment even though I'm in the midst of declaring bankruptcy.    If they had debtors prison like they did under King George III, I'd be in it and my mom would be living on the street with no way to take care of herself.

My dad used to say that as soon as they found a way to tax it, it would be legal.  With state budgets being what they are,  more states should follow suit.

Free speech my ass.  If a parent burned a cross into their kid's arm, they would go to jail for child abuse.  If he had kissed his students he would be out of a job, why is chemically burning a cross into an eighth graders arm not considered a crime?

What a novel idea.  Locking the barn door after the horse has escaped.  It's nice to know that the crew without a clue haven't changed how they operate.

Oh boy, the pot calling the kettle black. Every time Bush meets other leaders he gives the people of the world new opportunities to be embarrassed for the American people.


  1. The current bankruptcy law definitely needs to be repealed,...

    Nothing more urgent. Fat chance it will be, though.

  2. Wow...what a bunch of stupid, emotional and unthinking statements. Whine and whine...but you really have no constructive solutions do you?

  3. J Mark, for someone who has no web page, no profile and no thoughts other than to bag on something you don't understand, what solutions do you have? And exactly what part of the post addled your tiny little brain? Maybe I should be as Christian as the part of Texas you seem to represent and throw my mom out onto the street so I can make money for corporations that they will give to their highly overpaid CEOs who spend more time enjoying their money than they do contributing to society. Back before Silicon Valley went belly up I was making over a $100K a year and I had a credit card bill of $400 when I went out of business. Fuck off.

    I make observations and over the last three years of blogging I have had many suggestions to solve some of the problems, not that people like you are capable of understanding them.

  4. Oh, and by the way, my medical bills sent me under since I had an asthma attack and a kidney infection in the '90s while I was getting my Masters and now NO insurance company will cover me.