Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is The Week Over Yet?

When I have money, I shop for groceries and every week I've noticed that prices are up.  Not by a nickel or a dime, but by 30 to 50 cents.  Per item.  My income is fixed, which means I only have a certain amount to spend on food and it is forcing me to compromise on the quality of food that I serve my mother.  Fortunately my garden is growing.  So, how do you know when the Green Zebras are ripe?

The serranos are coming along nicely, the Early Girls are ripening beautifully and I finally have a few green beans.

Talk about emboldening your enemies.  Leaving Iraq is considered to be cutting and running, but this isn't? Afghanistan is blowing up in our faces, just like the 60 Minutes report from a few months ago that those on the hardly ever right labeled as lies and bashing the troops.  I'll be really glad when the mission is accomplished.  Whatever that mission is, because it certainly isn't about capturing Osama been Forgotten or eliminating al-Qaeda influence

Sometimes it seems like the bastion of hope and freedom that was called the United States is just a dwindling light in the rear view mirror.

The American people don't seem to learn from their mistakes.  With approval of Congress at an all time low what did the Democrats of Georgia do?  They reelected every one of their incumbents.  The people who have consistently voted against their constituents interests are free to do damage for another two years.  America isn't interested in change, it's interested in maintaining the status quo so it won't have to think.  Reminds me of the Distinguished Gentleman.

Not that the media here in the US would report it fairly, so the BBC has a handy list of some of the McCain/Obama flip-flops


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