Friday, July 11, 2008

My, How He's Changed His Tune

What a load of hooey.  Years ago when I worked at Universal Pictures in the Trailer department (we made all the movie, radio and tv spots for upcoming movies) Spike Lee was escorted to our department to see one of the upcoming ads for Do The Right Thing.  My friend Lisa and I were the only black people working in the department at the time and when he was introduced to us he turned his back and walked off without even saying hello.

Lisa, who was quite a looker and half black like me, stood there dumbfounded.  One of the editors, Mike I believe his name was, came over and told us not to take it personally, but that Spike was a racist and didn't consider us black enough to acknowledge.  He then went on to tell us a story about Spike and how angy he was when his own father married a white woman and now she was his stepmom.  I didn't care becuase a racist is a racist, it doesn't matter the race.  We all bleed red, can interbreed (obviously) and if the earth were invaded from outer space tomorrow the aliens probably would probably treat us all equally.

It's amazing how people change when they smell an advantage, isn't it?



  1. Yes, we can interbreed; I am half Cherokee. It isn't as big a deal as it was when I was a kid, except for the local Hispanic immigrants assuming they can talk to me in Spanish :)

    Sadly, Chimpy and all of his worshipers also shows that we can INbreed. If only there was a way to stomp THAT out.