Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rest In Peace Edition

Rocky Aoki is gone.  I started eating at the Benihana in Encino back when you had to point to what you wanted because nobody but the patrons spoke English very well.  And the chefs really put on a display, using knives and other implements.  Now, at least in San Jose, most chefs speak Spanish and bang the salt and pepper shakers a few times.  Whatever, it was a favorite restaurant for Mom and I and I hope that Rocky rests in peace.

As should Michael DeBakey.  His innovations have saved millions of people and he deserved every one of the 99 years that I hope he enjoyed.  Some people honestly do give more than they take.

Since he's no longer here to defend himself, all I can say is. Tony Snow, rest in peace.  One of my patients when I worked a shift at the San Diego Hospice died of colon cancer and it was the worst thing I'd ever seen in my life.  Incredibley painful and nobody deserves that.  We don't let animals suffer.

On a slightly lighter note, no more Fake Steve,  Ever since he was outed last year he hadn't been as funny, but I'll still miss him.   I hope Real Dan is enjoying himself.

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