Saturday, July 19, 2008

Six For Saturday

This morning I woke up on a different planet.  It seems that either hell froze over last night or invasion of the body snatchers isn't just a movie.  Deborah Howell of the Washington Post thinks that there should be more substantive coverage of the candidates instead of the current media focus on soundbites.   She even made sense, seemed to think biographies and how they react to situations is important.  Weird.

Wheeeee!  Straight to the bottom.  Unless you happen to own one of the multimillion dollar estates.

Cracking me up.  "Netroots Nation" has been planned for a year and Obama picks this week to travel outside the country.  He'd rather go to a war zone than face the people who helped him get where he is.  This generation of optimists doesn't seem to have any experience with a one night stand.

I know I'm growing my own this season, but the tomato growers have lost over $100 million since the government (which couldn't find a hole in the ground with directions and a flashlight) manufactured a crisis it couldn't solve.   The ownership society is fading fast.  Unless you mean ownership by a big corporation that controls your every move.

We're toast.  Whatever he says, the opposite is true.  Bush needs to get off this false shtick of his that opening up the Outer Continental Shelf will solve the economic crisis of everyday Americans.  The only people that OCS will help are his friends in the oil companies who need to find another way to gouge the American people since they didn't anticipate that people would quit buying.   Everything.

The last episode of Dr. Horrible's sing a long blog is up. It has been a real hoot and hard to tell who's more over the top, Neil Patrick Harris or Nathan Fillion.  Or is it Dr. Horrible's heretofore unknown to him video sidekick?


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