Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trials, Tribulations and Flat Out Bull Excrement

The only other thing I have to say about the FISA frakking is that everyone who voted for it should be replaced by whatever challenger they're facing in the next election.  Whether they are Humpty Dumpty or Freddy Krueger, they have to be a better representative of the people than the bought and paid for "representatives" we have now.  That is if we ever have another election, they might decide we don't need those either.  And the really sad part of the current crop of of highly paid deceivers on the public dole is that more than a few of them are lawyers and have no excuse for the way they voted except that they don't care about the American people or the Constitution.  What they seem to care about is not looking weak on whatever issue they are confronted with.  Instead of standing up for themselves and their country, they represent the interests of the corporations that donate to them in lieu of the people who voted for them and have proved they aren't fit to lead a horse to water.  Or, as my dad used to put it, if your friends jump off a cliff are you going to jump to?   The Congressional response was "hell yeah!"  But they did manage to pass these important resolutions.

How...white of them.

The great scam continues.  Foreclosures are up 53% over a year ago,  rivaling the Great Depression.   And bank seizures have tripled.  The much vaunted home ownership society continues to destroy the lives of innocent people.  People who bought into the dream that obscured reality.  Unfortunately reality will follow these people for the rest of their lives, continually holding them and their children back.  On the other hand, it makes for a ready made supply of indentured servants.  Just like in days of yore. Under the last King George.

Cops covering for one another, say it isn't so.  Good thing she didn't kill anybody.


With what?  Our good looks?

I'm pretty sure that the economy will take care of this problem, most people will have no choice except to work until they either die or become so feeble that they are put on the street to die.  That and the fact that the younger generation have had individuality and independent thought trained out of them.


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