Wednesday, July 09, 2008

When Choice Is No Choice At All

It's so sad watching the happy lights go out of Obama supporters eyes.  It's never good watching people whose hopes and dreams are being shattered.  After all the rhetoric, the nasty comments directed at people (one of which was me) who didn't believe what he said about hope and change, they are waking up this morning to a candidate who cannot be distinguished from any other politician running for office.  Oh, they were s proud of themselves when they vanquished Clinton, made Edwards out to be too pretty to be effective and gloated unceremoniously when their candidate was anointed the winner by the same people who have been bought off by the telecom companies.  Now they are beginning to realize that what they got was a wolf dressed up in Little Red Riding Hood's clothes on the way to Grandma's house.  My, what big teeth he has.

In return for this uncritical devotion, their candidate didn't just move to the center, he hightailed it for the right so fast that even Regan MacNeil (I hear Bobby Jindal wants to be VP and he will fit right in with this current course of action) wouldn't be able to keep up with his changing positions.   Obama has abandoned his original base as fast as he could while telling them that he would compromise.  Yes, the former head of the Harvard Law Review is going to vote to eviscerate the Fourth Amendment, a subject I have ranted on before, and seal our republic's death so we can be a ruled by a dictator with no checks or balances and Buy n Large will control our every move.  Power corrupts.  Absolutely.

Last night I was talking with a friend and her sister and mentioned Obama's recent comments on late term abortion and that the psychological health of the mother wasn't a good reason.  Turns out the sister had lived in Texas at one time, had an abusive husband who beat her so badly that the baby died in utero and she was forced to carry it for ten more weeks until it was born.  Dead.  Needless to say, he will not be getting her or any member of her family's vote.  She was willing to forgive Obama everything until she heard that.  Makes you wonder what other positions he is going to reveal now that he feels that he has the power of inevitability.

Once again the Demowienies have picked a candidate on his "electability".  The only problem with that strategy is that you end up with a candidate that people are forced to vote for only because they dislike the other guy even more.  This is not an effective way to run a country that is supposed to be for, by and of the people.

I can't vote for either candidate because I believe they are both dangerous, they both stretch the truth to the point of unbelievability and neither one is going to make my country or my life better.  Or safer.  What they are going to do is finish destroying a Constitution that stood for over 200 years, right up until the current reign of error.

I always remember where I was on August 9th, mainly because it's mom's birthday, but 1974 was notable for several reasons.   I was leaving basic training at Ft. Jackson and rode a bus through Georgia before arriving at Redstone Arsenal, AL to learn how to repair guidance systems.   In that amount of time one President resigned for lying about his involvement in a cover up to bug the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and another arrived in office never having been elected to any office by more than a few thousand people.  At least it was for 28 years.

This year I hope to spend it with mom and hoping that the results from the Strangebedfellows moneybomb has an impact.  It isn't as if we had an independent media who reported instead of trying to make the news or that we were marching in the streets like we were in the '60s and '70s to let our representatives know that we were serious.  Nope, today we send money via the internet a month after the damage has been done.


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