Tuesday, August 05, 2008


My back goes out more than my car does, but then it doesn't have to pay for gas.

Yes, I can't afford the freeway and no, I don't have a lot of money.

Mom's birthday is Saturday and I can't afford to buy her a card, much less take her out to dinner or do something really nice for her.  I don't even have a truffle from the Minstrel hidden away to surprise her.  No matter how much I do for her, I still feel like a failure.  She falls at least once a day and her eating and drinking are slowing down to almost nothing, which is a pretty good indicator that even if she makes it to her 78th, it will more than likely be her last.

And no, my brother didn't get in touch with her for his birthday on the first and she's been pretty depressed not being able to talk to the baby of the family since he graced her with a phone call for Mother's Day.  I think he's 47 but he's acting more like 4.  Just the way I remember him.



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