Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Too Funny

Today's chuckle is provided by a commenter at HuffPo on a Max Blumenthal article about Toby Keith's lynching song and his follow up remarks on the Glenn Beck show about Obama acting white, as if Obama isn't half white and educated, but all black and a thug rapper.  Take it away Intruder.
Political commentary from Toby Keith is about as meaningful as a music critique from Helen Keller.
The bras aren't really bulletproof, but they will prevent the dreaded underwire poking or even better, being injured by little pieces of metal if policwomen are shot at while wearing a vest.  And there's more than one model.  Though I doubt if they will make Avedon's bra of the week list.

All is clear now.  The Pentagon studied ancient empires to find out how to rule the world.  I guess they missed the part about all the empires weren't all that successful.  Otherwise they would still be ruling the world and the United States wouldn't exist.

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