Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Absolutely Desperate

As many of you know, I am short on money.  I fell behind in my rent and last month the owner served me with a three day pay or quit notice.  By a miracle I was able to come up with every penny and then on the first I had enough money to pay the rent, but not the utilities.  My landlady had told me that as long as I paid the rent on time (which I did), I could pay the utilities when I got my next check.

Yesterday, the owner forced her to give me a Notice of Termination of Tenancy.  It was done after five o'clock and I had nowhere to turn.  I called my brother for help and was turned down. Cold.  There were some good reasons (such as he is losing his house), but none of them will prevent the fact that thirty days from now our mother and myself will be living in my car with our two dogs.  At the moment I have no job and feel like I have no family.

I have no idea why we are being evicted since there are many troublemakers in our park, sex offenders and other people with police records.  There are people who are in trouble every month and we weren't one of them.  We never play our music too loud or break any of the park rules.  I feel that this is personal and I'm waiting for callbacks from legal aid societies to see if I have any recourse.  We have lived in this park for over two years which should mean that I should have received a 60 day notice, but when we renegotiated the rent last March after Peter decided not to offer me the assistant manager job, I noticed that Carol had typed in the thirty day written notice of termination (which I don't know if it is legal or not) and had the suspicion that Carol would try something underhanded to get us out of the property so it could be rented for more money.  There was no deposit required for this space but I had a $300 deposit from when I originally moved into the park and it wasn't mentioned anywhere.

I honestly do not know what to do.  No matter how many people I have helped, my situation continues to deteriorate.  Mom can't handle another move and my brother suggested abandoning her to strangers and after everything I've done, I can't do that.  I barely got any sleep last night and I feel like I'm spinning around and chasing my own tail.   I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong or why this is happening.  More than half the people in the park still haven't paid their rent and they aren't being harassed or threatened with eviction.  I can't afford a lawyer, I can't afford to move and my credit is so bad that nobody would take me anyway. I don't even have a real job since mom can't be left alone that long.

Is there anyone in the San Jose area that could help?  Even though it will completely discombobulate mom to move, I am even willing to move out of state.  Actually, I'm ready to move out of the country if it would help at all.  I have no idea what to do except sit in a corner and whimper, but that isn't really my style.  I don't know how much more I can take, but I suspect it isn't much.



  1. Deb,
    I sent you an email and put out the word to see if we can find some help. Hang in there.

  2. Deb - have you contacted the San Jose Emergency Housing Consortium: http://www.ehclifebuilders.org/whatwedo/programs.php

    They are a great resource and a good place to start.



  3. Post a PayPal Link for people to contribute too!!!!!!!!! We have enough homeless people in America and it is time for American's to step up and be real Americans no matter of politics. You worry about Mom, you care for Mom, I will do my best to help you out. By all means follow Kevins advice because this is just a one shot deal.

    Thank you Ominipotent Poobah for the story! Papamoka is on the trail!

    For the time being, you and Mom stay put. Let housing court deal with it which gives you a legal voice in this matter.

    Put up the Pay Pal link as soon as you can and as fast as you can! God bless you for taking care of your Mom in her golden years.

  4. THat's so horrible and I secodn what Papamoka just said. If you post a paypal link we can try to help.

  5. How unfair... OP told me about you, and I certainly hope you can find a decent solution. Hang in there dear, know that people are pulling for you.

  6. The way you are being treated is definitely discriminatory, unfair, and very likely illegal. You don't have to face it alone - there are folks organized to work with people in situations like yours. Two good ways to find some backup would be to get in touch with ACORN and to consult a good reference librarian.
    Also, Papamoka's suggestion about using PayPal to set up a way for individuals to help out one-on-one is excellent.
    Take care - a lot of us out here that found out about your situation from OP will be keeping you in our thoughts and hearts. Keep us posted.

  7. I sent you an email going into more detail, and I posted on both Open Threat and adventures of Ponzo; I don't get many visitors, but maybe the double post will drive some traffic your way.

    I always submitted your blog to Boing Boing, which has publicized other situations like this in the past. I don't know if I described your situation very well, so if any other readers here submit as well, maybe they will pick one of us up.

    I wish you all the best. I just wish there were more that I could do.

  8. I got sent your way by Enigma at WaterGate Summer. Please contact me if you need help setting up a PayPal account. I can give you instructions. You do need a bank account to have one. If that poses a problem, please let me know & I can set up a fund for you on mine. Hang in there.