Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Bush

Shut up already.   Obviously very few people care what you think. You and your cronies have looted two countries in eight years, engineered a worldwide money crisis and don't deserve to be bailed out because you overestimated the time that your Ponzi schemes would last before crashing.  It just so happens that it is the little man, the guy on the street not the Wall Street "geniuses", that deserves a bailout.    Forcing the taxpayers to rescue people who were gambling with other people's money is as fiscally foolish as it is to keep paying CEOs big bonuses while the workers on the bottom get pink slips.

Americans are tired of being taken for granted.  We are tired of being mistaken for stupid.  We are tired of being pissed on and told that it's raining.  And we are most certainly tired of looking for a pony in a pile of bullsh*t.
"Our economy is depending on decisive action from the government," Bush said. "The sooner we address the problem, the sooner we can get back on the path of growth and job creation. This is what elected leaders owe the American people, and I am confident that we'll deliver."
The only jobs you have created were overseas or pay so low that the average American can no longer afford to live in his own home.  You let a whole American city drown, destroyed the hopes, dreams and lives of thousands of people both here and abroad and now the chickens have come home to roost.

In your arrogance you have forgotten that it is the House's responsibility to propose financial bills.  Not the Treasury Secretary, not the head of the Federal Reserve and most certainly not you.  For you to speak of your disappointment that your cronies didn't get more taxpayer money to play with doesn't bother me at all.  What did you expect?  That people who were running for reelection would go against their constituents wishes one more time?  Like true politicians they don't want to give up their way of life and hearing from the people that they are supposed to represent that if Wall Street was bailed out that they would have to find a new line of work, well you saw the results.  They may be stupid and greedy but they aren't so stupid and greedy that they don't recognize the anger of the people in their districts.

You helped to create this situation and just like every company you have ever run, we're going bankrupt.  A few years ago it was made difficult (and impossible for some) for individuals to declare bankruptcy and now the taxpayer is supposed to save the companies who stabbed them in the wallet?  I don't think so.  The only bailout the American people want at this point is for Main Street, not Wall Street.  If only I really believed you were going away for good in a few months, but you are like a bad penny.

Which is what you have left the American people.

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