Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Back, Sort Of

I've been pretty depressed as well as stressed to post lately.  First let me say thank you to Missouri Mule, a beautiful person who helped me through my darkening times.  You pack one heckuva kick and I was glad to be on the receiving end.  Thank you and may you be repaid in kind for the rest of your life.  There are good people on the planet and you are one of the best.  The same goes for the Omnipotent PoobahPonzo and my other anonymous donor. Thank you all for your efforts.   I'm still drowning, but several people have thrown lifelines to delay the inevitable and I don't feel completely alone. 

Speaking of the inevitable, the campaigning or the false suspension of campaigning (the poor widdle baby), the mudslinging and the avoidance of reality continues.    If there is going to be a $700 billion bailout, couldn't we try the trickle up effect?  Please.  Just once to see what it's like?  You know the one where you give every man, woman and child $2500 and they spend it on things they need to.  Like paying the mortgage, going to the doctor instead of the emergency room, catching up on late credit card payments, putting food on the table and buying kids stuff for the next school year.  Maybe a few companies could start building things in America so we aren't constantly buying things from the international discount store.   Because the trickle down effect doesn't seem to have trickled down far enough.

A tropical storm watch in Maine, what a concept.  Somehow when I think of the tropics, Maine doesn't spring to mind.  Tell that to Hurricane Kyle.

Did you know that 2 x 43,112,609 -1 is important?  No it's not how many voters there are for McCain or Obama, it's the new Mersenne prime number. Thirteen million digits.  Now if they could only find Osama bin Laden.

As much as Jehovah's Witnesses are despised, this is one thing that you will never catch them doing.  And for two reasons.  One, they don't participate in politics and two, they believe that you have to live by laws of the country you reside in.  Or as it was explained to me by one of the elders many years ago, that includes even little things like driving the speed limit or cheating on your taxes.  Pastors are supposed to be preaching the word of God, not their interpretation of it and most certainly not to use his name to support a candidate.  It's against the law in this country and then there are those pesky Ten Commandments.  Republicans have gotten so used to breaking the thou shalt not kill, steal, bear false witness or commit adultery commandments, that breaking a few more is no big deal.  Sort of like our former Bill of Rights.  False idols and no other god before me, how quaint.  And we see how they honor their fathers and mothers by reducing any benefits and treating them like parasites because they are living longer than previous generations.  Methuselah would be in a world of hurt if he was alive today.

The Google is at it again.  On the good side they have come out against Proposition 8 and on the dark side they are supporting a bill that removes the copyright protections for cartoonists, songwriters, artists and photographers.  It's called the Orphan Works bill and it is being hotlined behind the closed doors of Congress and will likely be tacked on to the bailout bill with little notice or discussion from the public.


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  1. I am glad the bill didn't pass, ironically it was the Rethugs not holding up their end of the bargain..

    BTW, I just hit the donate button, its not much, but I hope it will help. ;)