Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Screwing Veterans and Schlubs

Some gave all, others are forced to do it one drop at a time.  As I told anybody who would listen to me and quite a few who didn't, the repercussions of a war very rarely affect the people at the top, it's the troops on the bottom who bear the brunt of the burden.
“You fill out a job application and you can’t write ‘long-range reconnaissance and sniper skills,’ ” said Mr. Spurlock, who searched a year for a better-paying job than delivering pizza, finally finding one as a construction supervisor.
Truer words were never spoken.  They always say when you join the military that you will have skills that employers want when you get out.  The recruiting commercials make it look like you will be considered an employer's dream.  What a crock.  When I got out of the Army many years ago it became blindingly obvious that very few of my skills (other than the ability to take orders and I wasn't very good at that) would translate into civilian life.  Seriously, how many people have a Lance, TOW, Dragon or Shillelagh missile in their backyard that needs help with the guidance system? The correct answer is none.

It was weekend at the movies.  I saw Quantum of Solace on Friday night (not bad, Casino Royale was better) and Bolt on Saturday.  Bolt rocked.  It might help to be a dog lover but it really isn't necessary.  I also saw the new Star Trek trailer and it looks like the movie will be filled with action but it will have a long way to go in order to equal the nonstop action in Quantum.

Give it a rest.  The bailout is not working.  It hasn't changed the national economy one iota but it has enabled some companies to acquire smaller rivals and to continue the lavish lifestyle of the CEOs who had a big hand in creating this mess.  Meanwhile the rest of us schlubs continue to slide deeper into the hole that at this moment has no bottom.  I wonder how long it is going to take before the powers that be realize that if the schlubs don't have money to pay their bills they won't have money to buy the overpriced goods on the shelves and more companies will go under.  Unfortunately, just like any snowball on its way downhill, the crisis will continue to get bigger and companies will go under faster.

Two weeks after the election approval of Congress is still lower than approval of Bush and what do they do?  They continue to make the same mistakes hoping that two years from now we will have forgotten all about their bad behavior.  After the electorate (that would be us schlubs) voted Democrats into the majority and how do they repay us?  By disregarding everything we want and reinforcing the opinion that once Congress critters are in office they don't care about anything else.  Least of all the truth or doing what their constituents want.  In what world is it okay to be rewarded for voluntarily playing for the other team in the middle of the playoffs and then not be punished for your actions?  And the answer is...our world.  Nothing has changed except McCain and Palin didn't have seats when the music stopped playing.  And neither do we.


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