Friday, November 14, 2008

Stupidity, Torture And Fraud

Geez, I knew these guys were dumb when I wrote about them earlier, I just had no idea how dumb.  And how dumb might that be?  Well, after killing the woman they went to a convenience store and asked the clerk how to get bloodstains out of their clothes.
Sheriff's investigators said they received the initial tip about the killing from a convenience store clerk. Two of the group members went into the store and asked the clerk if he knew how to get bloodstains out of their clothes, Strain said. The clerk told them no, and called the sheriff after they left.
Officials tracked down those two members and arrested them. Authorities established telephone contact with other members of the group who were still at the campsite and let them know law enforcement officials were on their way. They surrendered without incident.
Have you ever heard an acoustic version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean?  Chris Cornell's (Soundgarden) version is...interesting.  The lyrics hold up pretty well.

The truth is slowly dawning on some people.  Waterboarding is torture and the United States has been torturing people for the last seven years and those who authorized it are criminals that need to be held accountable.  Even if you are the current Vice President.  Gee, I had no idea that for this administration vice was being used as noun instead of an adjective.

Blue light special on aisle four.  Why is everybody so shocked?  If billions of dollars were lost in Iraq due to no oversight, why should the 700 billion dollar bailout be any different?  You didn't really think that the bailout was to help anybody except the people at the top did you?  After seven years of looting the Treasury, why in the world would they stop before the last second?

What do Gretzky, Smith and Montana have in common?  Their kids are all playing football at the same high school.  A San Fernando Valley high school hasn't been this famous since Spacey, Winningham and Kilmer graduated from Chatsworth High.

Umm, yeah.  Americans cut back on spending because the few dollars they made have to cover the important things like food and shelter.  A new car?  Not so much.  But keep on cutting that interest rate in the mistake belief that people will borrow more.  Banks don't lend to little people who have service wage jobs, they lend to people who don't need the money.   So those same people can invest in foreclosed properties to rent to little people who can't afford to live in the homes they thought they owned.  It's the American way.

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  2. God's will, will be done and there is not anything the KKK or the Skinheads or anyone of this nature can do about it. Because if the Lord bring you to it he will surely bring you through it. Praise God

  3. The Bush Economic Miracle has certainly been great for Paris Hilton, who can afford an extra pound or two of blow a year thanks to Chimpy's wealth transfers to the rich. The rest of us? Eh, not so much.