Friday, November 28, 2008

Strange News Of The Day

Hot on the heels of my post on bras for manboobs, men now have mantyhose.  The laughter in the background says it all.  The mantyhose even come in different colors and pattersn and come complete with a special male comfort panel.  And they aren't just for cross dressers.

Does your iPod run out of juice at the most inopportune moments?  Mine does.  Did you know you recharge it with an onion and an energy drink?

I took a geometry class in college and they teacher used to do the proofs on the board.   Invariably he would get to the end  of the problem and say "oh, that's not going to work, we'll come back to it later" but we never did.   Now I know why.  Since I didn't understand the class at all I took it pass/fail and copied just enough answers from my husband so I could pass.  Then we went on to trigonometry which made perfect sense and since I had the highest grade in the class my husband cheated off of me.  Obviously geometry doesn't need to be a prerequisite for trigonometry.

Does that mean mom was supposed to live into her nineties?  She's been smoking since she was 11 and she's 78 now.  On her last X-ray a few weeks ago her lungs were clear.  Very strange.

Get caught doing something stupid by the taxpaying public?  Do what GM wants to do to hide their disdain for the have nots and get airline regulators to prevent anyone from tracking their coporate jets and all the places they go on the company dime while their companies flame out.

First your money, then your clothes.  Banks get bailed out, malls are going bankrupt, hours are being cut back and as long as Joe the Plumber and Debra the unemployed have no money to spend on anything other than food and rent there will be turmoil in the financial markets and very little in the way of positive news.  Car dealerships are closing, tire and repair shops are disappearing and Paulson keeps giving taxpayer money to those who need it the least and are willing to share it not at all.  Great plan,  I wonder what's next.  Food only sold to people in suits and ties with thousands of dollars in the bank?

Funny how people worry about the big one striking California and having us fall into the sea and totally ignore the New Madrid Fault, the site of the largest series of earthquakes (they rang church bells in Boston, toppled chimneys in Maine and cracked sidewalks in D.C.), to strike in the contiguous United States.  Plus the area gest tornandoes and remnants of hurricanes.   I think I'll stay in California and take my chances.


  1. I noted your comment about your mother. I'm 77, have been smoking for 60 years, and show clear chest x-rays. Most curious indeed!

  2. This post will not end up anywhere as i did not put a stamp on it

  3. My high school geometry teacher was also the football coach (8 seasons with only 2 wins). He would come into the room and say, "Read chapter 3 and do all the problems." He'd then turn out the lights to watch game films projected on the wall.

    If you interrupted him with a question he said, "Damnit, I'm busy here. Are you stupid or something? Get back in your goddamn seat and figure it out for yourself."

    I credit him for the expansive knowledge I have for geometry that I possess today. That and PTSD from the bastard yelling at me all the time.

  4. In this day and age of terrorism, you call it "disdain for the little guy" that executives from any company would not want their jets tracked by anyone on the internet.

    Did you know that a GM President had a son kidnapped in the 70's?

    The fact that the media, and people like you, have made such an obvious thing an "issue" is the strange news.

  5. Well just what else can we sweep under the rug in the name of 9/11,come on gm's move to stop tracking had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with an intentional lack of fiscal accountability!

  6. I said disdain for the have nots. The executives can take public transportation just like the rest of us. When you are begging for money you shouldn't arrive in style. Clean clothes, yes, chauffeured limo or airplane, not so much. Perhaps if the rich didn't flaunt their money so much, some people wouldn't get the idea that they had money to spare for things like ransom.

  7. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the politicians who criticized the auto execs, are not flying Delta!

  8. Hang in there Deb,
    First time I've found your blog, and I like it.

    I've been hearing about California falling into the Pacific Ocean since Jr. High.
    Not gonna happen - Tectonics = the Pacific plate is pushing into CA, and moving under us, the same action that pushed the Himalayas up to be the tallest mountains.

    You know how Californians love to "share the experience". I missed out on the Oct. 1989 quake, as I was on the Space Coast of Florida - watching Shuttle Launches. Turned on the TV just in time to hear them announce "California had fallen into the Ocean".

    Best of Luck w/ your Mom, Job, and Housing. I can't wait for the new Prez to get into office. When Clinton got in, I got a job - and kept moving up to better jobs and more pay. As soon as "shrub" got in, couldn't find work. Been illegally evicted several times.

    I've been employed for 3 of the last 7 or eight years, and those were not great. So, I've done the Food Stamps and General Assistance shuffle = a lot of effort for almost nothing.

    I was about to get into a Homeless Shelter, when I got a better offer, I thought. Got "adopted" to care for an elderly woman. She blared the TV 24/7 to slow the onset of Dementia. (No professional believes this works, but she thinks it will - actually, it’s too late.) And last Winter, she would turn on the gas range to warm up, twice almost burning the place down. My Aunt tells me that my Grandma took up that same hobby, a while before she passed on.

    Even thou the gal is legally BLIND, and has not had a valid Drivers License in 4 years, about every two weeks - she would get into a huge Suburban, and drive off. When she got back, she would promise to never do it again (every time). After 9 months without me getting any good sleep, she drove off again - past two schools, when Moms were dropping off kids.

    I panicked and called 911. Not the best decision I've ever made. Three burly SJPDs came over and roughed me up - trying to get me to confess to "elder abuse". Then they told her that I was likely to hurt her, so I was evicted one more time.

    For the last 6 months, her ex-hubby has let me sleep on his floor + help out with his projects. My unemployment has run out again. As he is almost as crazy as she is, I'm not getting anywhere with finding work, and don't feel all that employable.

    Just so readers don't think I'm a total loser - here is some context. Served Honorably during the Viet Nam "Peace Action". Starting in the Carter years, I owned my Home in a nice area of San Jose, near Cupertino. That lasted about 12 years, until Reagan's "Trickle Down" BS, and the first Bush's Savings and Loan scandal. My resume reads like a "Who is Who" of Silicon Valley. I've solved many problems for Hi Tech companies - two contracts at IBM, four with Intel, several Shuttle and Satellite projects.

    After 3 months of using the computers down at the local Library (where they kick you out after two hours), I've reconditioned an old PC, and got it connected to the web.

    I'm about as far down the food chain as I can stand. The next stop is living in my 23-year-old car, without access to showers, etc. And that situation does not enhance one's chance of getting a job - at any level.

    Maybe you can find someone like me to watch your Mom, while you go out. And I agree, checked out almost all the “Work at Home”, really bad scams.

    Temp underscore Engr at Yahoo dot com

  9. Ric,

    It has always amazed me how life isn't fair. When I think of the thousands of people who did everything right, the way they tell you it is supposed to work, and they end up at the bottom of the economic ladder while people who don't have a clue but daddy has money to buy them one, it makes me want to bang my head against the wall. The other thought that occurs to me is that if I had been born with about 50 less IQ points I might be a lot happier because it wouldn't occur to me to look behind he curtain.

    Send me an email at and maybe we can come up with something better than sleeping in your car. I tried that while I was going to school but at least I had a gym membership and a p.o. box. On of the things I've noticed about myself is that I am much better at solving other people's problems than I am at solving my own.

    And you are right, the trickle down BS hasn't worked for me either, all it does is wash away everything I've accomplished so that I can swim my way upstream one more time. It's my version of waterboarding and I really do not like that drowning feeling.

    Plus, I lost my cell phone last night...the fun never ends. :)