Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday Twofer

All righty then.  Don't be shy, tell us what you really think.  This guy should get to the point and say what he really means instead of tiptoeing around the subject.  I think, but I'm not absolutely sure, that he didn't like the movie.
Flailing like a dying fish out of water and eventually smelling just as fetid, Four Christmases is stiflingly unfunny. It’s rotten mistletoe over a condemned homestead’s archway. In fact, it’s such an unbridled waste, such a horrifyingly amalgamation of inept attempted laughs that you wonder what the capable cast was thinking during the filming of certain scenes. Did Favreau and Vaughn really believe the WWE-inspired physical comedy ‘smackdown’ was going to elicit anything other than groans? Was seeing Steenburgen in full Jesus freak mode (alongside a scruffy looking Dwight Yoakim as her pastor beau) supposed to be a legitimate reason to laugh. Does referring to Witherspoon’s character as “Cootie Kate” make the sequence silly, or just stupid? And how far can the whole “kids are craven and evil” thing be pushed before it borders on abuse…for all involved?
Typical.  The California GOP continues to ensure that the state hurtles towards insolvency while they hide their head in the sand and pretend that tax cuts will solve the state deficit.  It isn't enough that the poor, blind and disabled are having their benefits cut, the GOP wants more.  Heaven forbid that they should take a pay cut or reinstate a vehicle license fee that Californians paid for years when times were good, the budget must be balanced by cutting or eliminating services to those in need.  How crazy are these morons?  In San Diego they voted against a tax to increase firefighting capabilities right after some of the worst fires that the city had known.  Next year they'll be crying and moaning about their houses burning down and how inadequate their fire departments are.

Oops, five hours later I realize I forgot to push the publish button.


  1. Here's to hoping things will improve soon for you. I'm thinking of you.

  2. When California stops electing idiots like that Super B**ch Pelosi maybe someone will give a sh*t!!!

  3. First of all, Pelosi was elected by San Franciscans, blaming the whole state is foolish. Second of all, what does that have to do with the state budget crisis? She works in the Federal Government, not the state government. And third, it happens to be the GOP, not the democrats who are determined to let the state go down in flames.