Friday, December 26, 2008

After, After

Did the Wall Street Journal just call Gore smart?  It's amazing how when you don't like someone new you can wax poetical about someone you disliked many years ago.
Mr. Obama's troops palpitate with excitement at the prospect of $1 trillion in "stimulus," though any net benefit to the economy likely will be incidental. Al Gore has thrown out the window any unpopular carbon taxes in favor of direct subsidies to his green energy investments. He sees the moment for what it is -- alarm about global warming has degenerated into a pretext. Billions will be diverted from useful purposes to create "green jobs" that deliver no meaningful impact on climate or the accumulation of atmospheric carbon.
And Malkin said that Bush allowed the subprime crisis to fester on national Fox TV?  The world is definitely changing if these two examples are any example.  See what happens when you stop drinking the Kool-Aid?  If only it had been sooner.   Like eight years ago.  Unfortunately,  it's more likely they changed the flavor for the new guy.

Coincidence?  I think not.  Sales are up to 75% off and 75% of the American populace are glad to see Bush go.  And not a moment too soon.   Too bad it isn't off to jail for crimes against humanity, but there's always some sort of hope.  Even the futile

I have always loved Eartha Kitt.  From the first time I saw her playing Catwoman on Batman to hearing her sing "Santa Baby", she was always a favorite of mine.  I even used to have part of "Santa Baby" as my outgoing answering machine message durin the holidays, at least until Madonna screwed it up.  Eartha you had a long life, if not a particularly happy one, but I will miss you and your talent.  If I could sing I would say you were my inspiration.  Rest in peace and thank you for all the happy memories.

Pull a prank, get sent to jail.  That's where kids now get to learn the really good stuff like how to steal cars, break into homes and how to set up a successful street drug operation.   Just as every crime is not the same, neither is every criminal.  And now states that didn't want the rich to suffer by paying a few taxes that they wouldn't even notice, we will all suffer the results of kids learning to be hard core criminals instead of learning how to compete in the global market.  As if there was nothing wrong with the economy that a little jail time couldn't fix.  But those criminals are too busy spending their bailouts on things that will do nothing to improve the economy of the have nots and much more to insulate themselves as the have mores.

Gee, I hope it isn't the same group that determined the air was safe in New York after 9/11.  Just because all the fish are dead is no reason to worry.


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  1. Hey Deb just thought I'd pop over and wish you Happy New Year. Here's hoping that '09 will prove to be a good year for you and your mom.