Monday, December 22, 2008

For He Who Must Not Be Named

Voldemort, I do not care that you aren't speaking with me or your brother, I do care that you are not speaking with your mother.  I also realize that you probably don't know who Voldemort is, but I promise you that if you do not call your mother by the end of Christmas day, I will publish (and I write on several sites) every bit of personal detail that I know about you.  This will include things such as your real name, which unfortunately will let others know my name, all birth data and anything else that I can lay my hands on.  I will publish personal memories, I will publish your shoe size, I don't care.

I watch what is left of our mother and she is hurting.   She loves you very much.  You are her baby, but that is no reason for a man of 47 to act like one.  She rarely answers her phone anymore because she only takes personal calls.  You will have to speak loudly, something you do quite well when needed, and sometimes rephrase what you say so her brain has a chance to process it.  You will have to be patient, not one of your best qualities, but do your best.  I will not interfere unless she asks for help, sometimes she has difficulty finding the right words.  Please try and attain a total talking time of ten minutes, she deserves that much.

I'm not kidding around here.  You may not be Tom Riddle, but the day after Christmas quite a few people will know that you are ***** ******* and that you don't treat your mother with respect.  Or love.

And yes, I do know that you read my blog at least once, and sometimes twice, a week.

Merry Christmas!


  1. My POS brother only came to see his mom twice while she was dying-but he made sure to brag to her on the phone about all the rock concerts he was seeing.

    I am struggling, hard, with it. I'm trying to forgive it, but with every new turn he takes, I harden some more.

  2. My sister was such a royal pin in the ass to everyone who ever touched her crap-stainied life that I've not spoken to her since my mother's funeral in 1981.

    I say if "Tom Riddle" (oh, I get the joke now, "Who am I? It's a riddle!") doesn't comply peaceably you take no mercy on him. I'll even throw in a couple of omnipotent thunderbolts up the butt too if you like.

    BTW, I hope your holidays go as well as they can. I know you're in a tough spot, but I keep thinking about you.

  3. OP,

    Thou aren't geeky enough. :) Tom Riddle was Voldemort's real name.

    I just wish my brother would grow up and face reality. He has not missed an opportunity in the last 30 years to throw that phrase at me, now it's time for him to walk the talk.

    Kids nowadays, what the heck are we going to do with them. :)

  4. I wish reality were true for everyone. But realities are like opinions. I wish his opinion changes to meet your reality.

  5. Hope you and your Mom have a great Christmas, and that 2009 takes a major upturn for you both, Deb!
    All the best- Rick J

  6. Rick,

    Thank you. It doesn't look good so far. It's so sad.

    I hope that you and yours have a healthy and happy holiday season and that the next year goes well for you all.