Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bread And Circuses

The riches and spoils go one that most of us know personally.  Bail out the automakers and taxpayers will foot the bill for more years than the average Detroit cars run.  Don't foot the bill and let the automakers go under and everyone pays. From lower tax revenues to unemployment claims for the almost under the water states.  Don't worry, they'll get rid of pensions next and then whole families will have many opportunities to spend time together discussing what used to pass for an economy in this country while they all wait on the bread line.  Together.  Too bad nobody is bailing out the taxpayers since the money would probably go farther and be spread more equally around. To the people who really need it.

Duh!  Of course I watch Simon Baker, I mean the Mentalist.  Easy on the eyes (no wonder he's on CBS), relatively interesting stories and you can learn how to catch people in a lie.  What's not to like?  Plus, my family would have loved if I brought him home to dinner as Something New instead of the nothing I've brought home in the last 15 years.

California is finally equal to Louisiana.  At least in bond ratings.  California hasn't had one of those devastating hurricanes but the next earthquake should cause at least, if not more, damage.  And that will be film at 11, 12, 1, etc.  By everyone who has a camera.  Which are most of the people in California. Jobs won't suffer too much since we barely have any that aren't related to the prison system or have been shipped off as National Guard to countries so they can be well trained for the stone age they'll find when they get back.

Obama wants the Illinois governor to resign but doesn't give a crap about Bush and Cheney lies, the lives they've cost, the military they've destroyed, the countries they've ruined, the deliberate outing of a CIA officer for political gain, not to mention the very suspicious firings and replacements of the US Attorneys for political reasons, or those little niggling facts about crimes against humanity.  I smell change all right.  From cow dung to bull shit.


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