Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Guess I'm An Orphan Now

After months of no phone calls, either initiated or returned, I must assume that my brothers are dead, my nephews forgot they had a grandmother and mom is all I have left. And more than likely, not for much longer.

One son has made no attempt to talk to his mother since Mother's day and the other one is probably still pissed that I finally pointed out the obvious. He wishes she was gone, that it was all over and everyone could just get on with their exciting lives since the parents who treated us better than most, made sure that we got to see more than just the United States and didn't have a dime to leave us because they worked for a living, are finally no more.

And people worry that two members of the same sex getting married to each other will break up the fabric of the family.

Isn't family wonderful?

Why is it that I feel like the failure?


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