Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Religion, Threats, Stupidity And Sadness

I am not disputing that there is a a God or higher authority.  I hope and pray there is, because if we are the top of the food chain we are in a world of trouble.  What gets my knickers in a knot are people that think that the brains we were given (or developed) are to immediately switch off whenever there is a crisis and that God will handle it for us.  Jeepers creepers.  How arrogant do you have to be to believe that a being could create the universe and then spend their time listening for your piddling little problems.  Those problems might seem world changing to you, but not to the big guy, he's off building other universes.  Hopefully filled with beings that use all of the attributes given us to make our lives better.   God didn't mention guns or cars in the Bible but somehow people still manage to justify using them.  Medicine is the same way.  We were given brains to think our way out of problems, not pray that someone really busy would solve them.   Sort of like taste buds, more than for just oatmeal.

The Taliban are wasting no time trying to order the new President around.  I guess you can do than in a country that has never been successfully invaded.  We were so unsuccessful in Afghanistan that now the Taliban is forcing Pakistani bus drivers to remove music and entertainment devices from public buses or be blown up.  When the 1700 year old Buddhist statues were blown up, the world should have gotten a clue then, but no, the Taliban are no less religious fanatics than the Puritans were.  The only difference is that there isn't another world these fanatics can be sent to explore and get them out of our hair.

No shit!  This is a pet peeve of mine and one of the reasons I don't practice anymore.   Acupuncture is sort of like real estate.  Location, location, location.  But most important of all is an accurate diagnosis.  If migraines are caused by blood deficiency (pale lips, skin, conjunctiva, dull hair and nails, scanty or irregular periods) they are best treated by a combination of nutrition, herbs and acupuncture.  If they are caused by too much yang (always angry or frustrated, road rage, very heavy periods with clotting), you can stick the needle anywhere and there is going to be some type of relief because you have essentially let some of the steam out of the system.  If the migraines are aggravated before the period begins then it really helps if you regulate the menstrual cycle and work on the person's unhappiness factors.  If they hate their lives and won't admit it, then you can expect a recurrence at the first missed treatment.  It also helps if you know whether the migraine is liver, gallbladder or heart related but that is too technical and time consuming to sort people correctly for the studies.  Therefore, for most migraines and headaches acupuncture will work no matter where you stick the needle.  If you want to improve the quality of the person's life, you have to do a little more work.  Acupuncture is the least (Nutrition, herbs, exercise, environment, moxa, cupping, etc) of what is known as Chinese Medicine. Very few western experiments are ever going to prove its efficacy so quit treating it like it is the be all and end all of Chinese Medicine because the studies aren't designed correctly which makes the whole system suspect. Like arthroscopic surgery for arthritis of the knee.

Hanging by a thread, and a frozen one at that.

I would like to think that it wasn't going to let go in my lifetime, but something tells me it's history as of the summer.


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  1. (whoops, wrong post)

    Bush is leaving office and just like every other company he left in tatters, America is no different.

    Well at least Obama seems to have a taste for the work. Not something you could ever say of Bush.