Saturday, January 03, 2009

We're Not Worthy

How come they never share the good drugs with us, the common people?  The economist's version of Mother's Little Helper must pack quite a punch in order to come to the conclusions they did.  How in the hell is the economy going to get better since we don't make anything and most importantly of all, we don't make anything that anyone wants to buy?  Including us.
If the dominoes fall the right way, the economy should bottom out and start growing again in small steps by July, according to the December survey of 50 professional forecasters by Blue Chip Economic Indicators. Investors seemed to be in a similarly optimistic mood on Friday, bidding up stocks by about 3 percent.
If is an awfully big word to have only two letters.  Or as my ex used to say, "if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle."  Or as the rest of us put it, "if I only had a job I could pay my bills (on time even!), keep my house and be able to send my children to a good college."  Oh well, they have those professional degrees and they've been right so far,  haven't they?   Plus, is there a domino competition we don't know about?

Why is this being allowed to continue?  The Middle East will never settle down, certain parties in all countries are making sure of that.  Why is it that the US invaded a sovereign state, deposed its ruler for crimes against humanity (since there weren't any WMDs) and yet continues to ignore tragedies such as Darfur (is it because we got our butts kicked in Somalia?) and the innocent people of Gaza.  Could it be that the truth is unimportant in the grand scheme of things?

Bushisms over the years.  If they weren't so stupid they would be even harder to read.  No wonder Gerald Ford (and not his Chevy Chase impressionist) thought that Bush was on the wrong track.  Actually Bush was in the caboose they left at some station no one has ever heard of.  Unless you believe in unreality.

Yup, as Americans go, we just don't get it.



  1. Do you as an American believe in democracy? Gaza people democratically chosen Hamas to be their leading force. Hamas vowed for destruction of Israel in its program documents, so isn't it surprising that people are responsible for their choices?
    And somehow pictures of Jewish kids crying on Israeli funerals do not make their way to media, or blogs...

  2. Hamas has been a disaster for the Palestinias and a thorn in the side of Egypt (not to mention the fact that for 8 years they showered rockets on Israeli civilians).
    Check out:

  3. I really hate it when people pee on my leg and then try to convince me it's raining. Right now if Israel disappeared off the face of the earth, it wouldn't bother me one bit. If it wasn't okay for JEWs to be rounded up over fifty years ago and herded into camps and ethnically "cleansed", it isn't right for the Israeli's to keep perpetrating the same hatred in a new generation of people who had nothing to do with them almost getting wiped from the earth.

    And by your reasoning, aren't we responsible for all the damage that GWB inflicted on Iraq? I mean he was "democratically elected" by Americans. Twice.

    Somehow all life is precious unless it belongs to someone who doesn't look or believe the way we do.
    There is a reason they are no longer respected and they are doing nothing to make themselves look good. They aren't protecting themselves, they are waging war on a populace that cannot defend itself.

  4. It isn't like we're selling the Gazan people or Hamas military equipment the way we do Israel.

    Empathy and compassion are only two of the nicer qualities that Americans lost after Bush's election. We've lost much more, but nobody cares unless it affects them directly.

  5. Deb,
    Put down the crack pipe and take in some fresh air. It is RIGHT for the leadership of the Israeli people to defend itself. These idiots aka Muslims have been crack (pun intended)attacking the Hebrews since biblical times (take another toke). "They will be an ass of men" (the children of Ishmael) and have proven The Book to be reliable once again. Your a left over hippie to fried to see the light or a Muslim apologist that hates truth. Israel, oh children of Abraham continue your defense to the end. Maybe we can get the American military in there someday to help finish the job. Priority is job #1. You "feel" too much and THINK too little.

  6. For your information I do not and never have done crack. Israelis meanwhile do no differentiate between hard and soft targets. God willing, they will get what they deserve. To wander homeless on the face of the earth until they learn something they have never learned. Humility.

    As to who is doing the feeling and not thinking, perhaps you should look in the mirror. Or would that ruin your anonymity. At least I allow free speech, which is more than I can say for your compatriots.

    But then, you guys have already forgotten your history in your hysteria of not repeating it.

    The sheer difference in people killed puts lie to the story about poor little Israel being defenseless. As I was taught as a little girl, two wrongs do not make a right and maybe it is time for Israel to realize they are not the only country, people or religion in the world and that after forty years of war against an inferior opponent maybe they should try different tactics besides bombing, cutting off food, water and medical supplies.

    Israelis have made themselves so disliked that they can't even go back to the countries they came from.

    And all Muslims are not the same or have you missed the last eight years of GWB?

  7. Deb,
    Let me remind you who israel is fighting- Hamas- a terrorist organization who committed countless numbers of suicide attacks against innocent civilians in Israel. I bet you weren't crying then. Hamas was democratically elected?? So did Hitler! But you probably think we should have let him continue his path of destrucation as well. Hamas was sending rockets on Israel now for 8 years. It is about time Israel does something useful to protect it's citizens.

  8. the fact is that Hamas was democratically elected, whether Israel likes that fact or not.It was founded in refugee camps in 1987,after years of isreals ocupation

    Think about this for a minute. Israel indeed has very successfully used her military to accomplish somewhat similar objectives... but ONLY with respect to her Arab neighbors who were not fighting for their land,
    Both America and Israel will have to learn the hard way that this is wrong because in this case we are facing not just a fight with some terrorists as many would like us to believe,but people who are subjected to constant, daily indignities and acts of humiliation just in going through their daily routines .this is a popular uprising of people who fight for their land,survival and their future. And because of that, they will not give in.
    there can never be peace,without freedom,human rights and justice,nelson mandela and the anc went through the same situation,they were branded as terrorists by america and south african apartheid regime.we should learn from the past.

  9. I don't blame a lot of these "anonymous" parrots. If I were talking out of my ass, I'd remain anonymous too.

    The simple fact of the matter is, Hamas and the Israeli Government amount to two sides of the same coin. Neither one is interested in compromise, and neither one minds seeing a few civilians smoked if it means that they get what they want-which is popular support. Both entities are despicable, and if it weren't for the innocents on both sides getting blasted I wouldn't give a damn if they blew each other to smithereens.

    That's my take. YMMV.

  10. we need to remenber that oppression breeds terrorism,iseral has had its own terrorist past..

    Gush Emunim Underground ,43 Group, ,The Jewish Defense League (JDL) .Lehi , also known as the Stern Gang,and was also a right-wing Israeli radical who assassinated ,Yitzhak Rabin because he was opposed to him signing the Oslo Accords.this groups have disapeared because of the capacity of the state of israel to do their bidding for them,over the years israels actions against palestinians,has lagely been state terrorism.the bottom line is that israel has the millitary power ,the financial capacity,the political influence(aka usa)to negotiate a good deal of land for her selve and let the palestinians create their own state,without any external interference ,if after that hazbola contineus its terrorist acts,the whole world will bear withness to it,and israel can now retaliate disproportionately .

    if what the palestinians are going through now is not state terrorism,then the defination of terrorism needs to be changed

  11. Deb, if DW gives me an answer to my question, "you got a ballpark estimate of how many of the rockets being fired at the Israelis are being fired by Mossad members disguised as Hamas terrorists?," you'll be one of the first to know.

  12. Israel is doing what Europeans did in the Americas. They are killing people and stealing their land and their goods.

    There will always be people who will love and defend these atrocities. They'll couch in terms like self-defense, or ethnic cleansing or fighting terrorism. But that is just the mask for the evil that simmers under the surface.

    Some people, just enjoy the slaughter. They get a thrill from death. That's why the gratuitous violence in slasher movies is so popular.

    They don't care if it's Israel or Somalia or any other place. They just enjoy the carnage. Knowing that human beings are being tortured, starved, degraded and slaughtered gives them a thrill.

    You won't get through to them Deb. They like what they are. It's all good fun to them.

    But notice that they haven't volunteered to go kill human beings themselves. Their convictions don't run that deep. Human slaughter is a passion, it's not something they'd put their own lives on the line for.

  13. Just a simple point, slaughtering 300 human beings for everyone of your own lost, isn't defense.

    That is the Adolph Hitler Strategy times three. Israel evidently loved the Nazis so much, they are working hard to not only to adopt their policies but to exceed them.