Monday, February 09, 2009

According To Those In The Know

Why is the Washington Times still kissing up to ex-President Bush (that felt really good to write)?  Because talk is considered presidential only when the public is being lied to?  Maybe Obama got access to the complete data only after he was sworn in and the outlook really is bleaker than it looks.  We have been lied to for so long that maybe we can't handle the truth and maybe we can.  And only the truly clueless believe that employment is at 7.6% since many people have dropped off the rolls or are working part time jobs which are rarely gainful employment.  And that benefits thing?  Not so much.
Brad Blakeman, a senior aide to Mr. Bush from 2001 to 2004, said the new president's language is immature.

"It's not presidential. An American leader needs to be hopeful and optimistic - and truthful. Everything he says is parsed; everything he says is searched for deep meaning. When he goes to 'DefCon 5' on the economy and says that we're on the brink of catastrophe, it's absolutely insane."
For eight years bipartisanship has been defined as Democrats should sit quietly and listen to their betters, follow their advice and bend over and spread their cheeks as directed.  The American people didn't like the results of that and decided that they wanted change in how things were done.  Now bipartisanship is defined as you can spend all the time and effort you want trying to listen to my concerns and I am still going to vote against you and accuse you of not bringing me in on the negotiations.  But still, people leave comments like this after Bush got everything he asked for and in some instances, more from the Democrats in Congress.
It really sucks when the "Liberal" Chickens come home to roost !!! Now look at just who is begging for a Bi-Partisan Congress !!!

Now that your Democratic Congress is in place, lets see just how you deal with the stonewalling that the Dem's have shown us how to do for the past years...
And yes, Limbaugh is a portly chatterbox.
That's how I understood Obama's dismissive reference to the AM radio entertainer: Times are serious; Rush Limbaugh's not. Needless to say, the portly chatterbox made the best of it, remarking that Obama supporters expect everybody to bend over and grab their ankles just because the president had a black father. To which Jay Leno made the perfect rejoinder: Rush grab his own ankles? That'll be the day.
The American people know that this is the stimulus package that isn't and how it got that way.  So much of what would have been helpful was cut from the bill by the centrists that it won't help those who need it the most but it did comfort the comfortable.  As more people become unemployed why was it necessary to cut food stamps, aid to the unemployed and the states who can't print their own money at will like the Feds?
What do you call someone who eliminates hundreds of thousands of American jobs, deprives millions of adequate health care and nutrition, undermines schools, but offers a $15,000 bonus to affluent people who flip their houses? A proud centrist. For that is what the senators who ended up calling the tune on the stimulus bill just accomplished.
But as President Obama pointed out in Elkhart, this bill isn't perfect.  It's coming out of Washington and it had to go through Congress.  Wow, the vitriol from the commenters is amazing in its anger, hatred and stupidity.  At least from those in Elkhart who still have an internet connection.

What I find interesting is that those who always tout education and hard work as the way to change one's life for the better then do everything in their power to eliminate those opportunities for those who need them the most.  Expecting Paris Hilton and her compatriots to become the doctors of tomorrow is as foolish as thinking that 38 kids in a classroom with no computers, books or food in their stomachs are going to design a rocket that lands on the moon.

But with the cuts to NASA I guess that isn't important anymore. 



  1. Are you simply tired of being tired. This year alone I've watched people lose their jobs, their homes, cars, marriages, and their hope. I know of one failed suicide. A neighbor went postal and killed 3 executives of his former employer because they fired him for job performance despite the fact that he held the same test engineering job for over 2 years. I remember back in the day that one had to have a plan A to live on a savings of 6 months, well that number is moot. Some times working does not mean you make ends meet not with the cost of working, living or paying the cost of being sick or old. A $1,000-$1500 tax cut for most Americans is not going to do much and Bush tried that gimmick for 8 years and the economy does not have much to show if you are in the middle or just among the working class

  2. Honey, if you are not a major banker, major contractor or major investor this bill is not for you. You will get a tax cut if you buy a car, but Zilch if you have no car but you want to attend college. The same goes for children, the environment, science research, space travel, and heaven forbid you need job retraining.

  3. The 'House-flippers Giveaway' is basically welfare for Senators.