Sunday, February 08, 2009

Leaving Hotel California

Who would have thought that mom and I would trade California for fly over country?  Ms. Mule made me an offer I can't refuse, it's the only positive way to change my situation and we can't afford San Jose anymore.  Besides, this place is butt ugly and I've always hated it.

Later today I'll start running around like a crazy woman, buying boxes, sorting and packing.  My goal is to be on the road in less than two weeks.  Any move I make is going to be hard on mom and the stress of the last few months has about done me in so I might as well go for broke.  I'm trying to arrange times for my brothers to see mom one last time but schedules are difficult and reaching one of them is impossible.

The trip is going to be hard on the dogs but I'm sure that mom and I can manage this.  According to the Google taking the southern route is only two hours longer than the northern route and over three to four days it shouldn't make much difference. The northern route would be prettier but the southern route is likely to be safer in the wintertime.  Though I have to admit that on that same route I hit a patch of black ice during a freak snowstorm at the end of April a couple of years ago.  Did you know that frost on greenery lining the highway looks like cauliflower when you are spinning around at 70 mph? What a fun time that was.

I've spent most of the morning looking at renting a truck online, Budget is the cheapest, Penske is cheap and after the AAA discount will probably be competitive with Budget but the dropoff will be a pain, Uhaul is convenient on both ends but the most expensive. It's sad to say but everything I want to keep will probably fit into a 10' truck.  At least it will be easy to drive and gets the best gas mileage.

Next project, finding dog friendly motels.


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