Friday, February 06, 2009

Why, Why, Why?

Unflipping believable.  Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and newspapers have whole sections of them.   With job losses mounting and state budgets collapsing, the moron Clark S. Judge (doesn't he read his own paper or have access to the same data?) lets loose with this brilliant statement. 
The analogy with the Depression is wrong; the current downturn may be all but over; and doing too much, not too little, is the real danger.
Anybody, anybody, who thinks that the financial devastation is almost over is not dealing with a full deck and should go back to whatever cubbyhole they crawled out of until they pick up a little common sense.

I don't care if banks do business with each other, they have been using their depositors money to make money for themselves for years, but I do care whether or not they do business with companies that employ Americans.  If I don't have an income, how are tax cuts going to help me pay my bills, put a roof over my head or food in my stomach?  The Republicans in California are so crazy that they are willing to enact a budget that screws over their own constituents and benefits the rich, liberal Democrats they hate the most just so they can say that they cut taxes.

Why is it ok for banks and Wall Street to get bailed out when it was their greed that helped to cause this mess but it isn't ok to help people like me who are suffering because of their bad judgment?  Why is cutting taxes for those who don't need it more important than rebuilding our infrastructure before it completely falls apart?  Or down?  Why is it so important for Republicans to enlarge the class of people known as poor?  Why is it so difficult for those in Washington to understand that the average Joe (not Joe the Plumber) is hurting mightily and needs help now, as in today, not some mysterious future trickle down effect that isn't going to happen just like the last trickle down effect didn't happen.

Could it be that they consider us serfs, existing only to satisfy their whims and wishes?  Did the election results teach them nothing?  And whining that reporters aren't doing their jobs, how is that news?  They didn't do their job for the last eight years, why start with something so important as the impending financial ruin of our country?

Financial terrorism is what Republicans are practicing.  And getting away with it.


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  1. Well said! Could'nt agree with you more. Now, we have to scream this in the faces of the government.The way I see it, is that the people must revolt at a corrupt government.Few see this government as perfect. It is not, and we must have that changed by getting rid of bipartisanship, Republicans must stop playing God and Scrooge.Democrats should sift out the outrageous and greedy Lobbyists and out in way left field, leftists.Common Sense, Oh I guess we forgot about that.One more thing, less dependence and common sense thinking when taking in the news. I don't believe everything that I take in from the news media. Who trusts them, They are the enemy.