Saturday, March 21, 2009

The End Of The Saga, I Hope

As most of you know, mom and I have been having an extremely hard time for the last six months.  It has been an ugly roller coaster ride with enough thrills and chills to weaken the knees of the strongest of people.  To this day I still have no idea why my landlord decided that mom and I didn't deserve to live in this dump of a park but child molesters, meth addicts and prostitutes do.  I have made myself ill trying to figure it out and finally came to the conclusion that I just don't care anymore.

We're supposed to be out on the 29th of March but the downstairs apartment that I found in Reno we won't be able to afford (first, security, pet deposit) and it won't be ready until May 1st so my current landlord will just have to wait until the lease is legally up.  Or he can go through the process of taking me to court, whichever makes him feel like more of a man.  I'm betting that he starts the court process, which is his right, but he's going to look pretty stupid after he has to acknowledge that the only reason I owe him any money is because he refused to take it three separate times, then changed his mind and hit me with three separate pay or quit notices.  Which I paid.  Then he hits me with 30 day notices.  I don't know what he thought I was going to do, pay double rent during the same month and leave quietly?

I'm taking a chance with one of the places that I found on Craigslist.  The owner and I have the same name, are only a few months apart in age and she has this idea that the economy sucks and that most people's credit reports don't look very good so she isn't checking them.  I told her my credit was bad, that my manager would give me a good recommendation and that the dogs are well behaved.  They don't normally have pets in the complex but she will allow them for us.  Thank goodness.

Hopefully between my nephew's pickup, my car that needs the $1K tuneup (platinum spark plugs and you have to take half the engine off to get to where they're located but an oil change is only $30) and my friend's Tahoe, we should be able to get everything important from point A to point B.

Both mom and the dogs are going to be pretty disoriented by the move, this is to be expected.  Elderly people with dementia don't adapt as readily to big changes and the dogs are going to be in a completely different environment.  Me?  I just have to worry about the logistics (electricity, tv for mom, etc.), the budget and finding a job when I get there.  Fortunately the complex seems to have a few elderly people, maybe mom can make a few friends and I'll be able to find a job that will allow me to support myself after she's gone so that I won't have to face this load of trouble again.

Nevada doesn't recognize my acupuncture license from California so there's five years of school and $100K down the drain.  Sometimes the only reason I think I have the degree is so I can help my mom and advocate for my friends when they're in the hospital and answer all the medical questions on Jeopardy.  Oh well, I have other skills that are just as useless, it's time to develop some new ones.

After the loss of Blackdog a few weeks ago I did some hard thinking that was reinforced by the recent unfortunate passing of Natasha Richardson.  My life isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but at least my eyes are open, I still experience a sense of wonder at new experiences and there is hope on the horizon.  What more could anyone ask for?

Other than for my current landlord to chill out, for mom to be able to handle the move in good health, that I accidentally find a chunk of money to help with the move and for nothing else to go wrong.

Thanks for sticking by me, hopefully I can get back to what really makes me happy; making caustic observations about the media, politics and whatever else interests me at that moment.


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  1. Deb...didn't know you were a licensed acupuncturist. I know time is short, and there may be no way of working this out, but maybe I can help you and your Mom by engaging you in an official capacity. Email me at or call me @ 415.867.9719, and let's talk.