Monday, March 16, 2009

From Stupidity To Eternity

O.K., I was really hoping that I was going to get that role in “The Real World,” but then I realized that, well, they don’t like plus-sized models.
Meghan McCain posts a well written response to Laura Ingraham's extremely stupid comment about Ms. McCain's imaginary weight problem instead of addressing the horror that is Ann Coulter and her infantile, terroristic and treasonous statements.

A size 8 or even a 10 is not considered large (Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 and was considered to be extremely sexy) unless you are standing next to Lara Flynn Boyle or one of the Olsen twins.  Thank goodness the camera adds 10 pounds.  And as usual, Ms. Ingraham completely misses the point that Rush Limbaugh would only be considered small if he was standing next to an aircraft carrier.  And he speaks even less sense than Ingraham but it could be that she's jealous because she wishes she was Laura Schlessinger (NSFW or around dinnertime) instead of Laura Ingraham.

The thought is so disturbing that I may never close my eyes again.  No wonder he's slightly more tolerant of gays than the rest of the party, but he's still a true Republican, you can tell because he disavows all knowledge. Especially of issues that he and his buddies created.

When I was in Army basic training they made us put on our gas masks and walk into a building filled with pepper spray.  We stayed inside and discussed the benefits of the masks then they made us take them off our and take a breath before we were allowed to find the door.  The point was made extremely well and we had one girl who was so pale that she missed being an albino by just a few shades and she ended up having to go to the medic.  Spraying it directly into the eyes is neither necessary nor or long term benefit.  What's next, personalized garroting training?

Oh yeah? I dare him to go on the Daily Show and say something as stupid as that.  Why is it so hard for these guys to understand that unless lots of people like me put money in the bank and it doesn't get spent on bonuses and parties for the people who created the financial crisis that the situation is not going to get better?  People need jobs and banks have credit that the taxpayers are financing, banks just don't feel the need to spread the wealth to anyone who doesn't already have it.

After all the political budget wrangling it turns out that there is another $8 billion unfunded.  One of the suggestions was a $50 tax on an ounce of marijuana.  Good luck with that.  Nobody is going to pay $50 on a $40 bag of so-so-stuff.  The last time I checked the "kind" was going for $60 to $80 depending on the distributor.  A $10 tax would be paid by almost everybody, much more than that and the black market will never shut down.  I notice they want to tax almost everything that is considered a "sin". Fortunately, I don't live in Florida where unemployment seems to have joined that list but instead of taxing they want to drug test you and make you pay for it in order to prove that you are employable.

Which is why I'm trying so hard to move to another state by the beginning of next month.  Almost 25,000 teachers and school workers could be laid off  in California by the beginning of the summer and that is before the new budget is due.  That'll help make us competitive in the world economy.  The third world.



  1. ...or one of the Olsen twins. Thank goodness the camera adds 10 pounds.

    No camera is going to help the Olsen twins. A sack-full of bagels? Maybe...

  2. I've never been so proud of a McCain!

    Sorry I haven't been around lately. Life keeps intruding on me.

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