Friday, May 08, 2009


I went to see Star Trek last night and it rocked!  There was enough action to please the most die hard movie addict and very little of the moralizing that the series is prone to.  There were laughs, snickers and giggles galore, especially if you have been a Trekker for a long time.  I do have to wonder about the preoccupation with creepy crawly things being shoved into bodily orifices to control people is all about, but since it was used in two of the best movies of the franchise it must be necessary.  Too bad they didn't refer back to it or finish that part of the plot, which leaves me wondering, is it still wrapped around his brain stem?

I knew it was going to be a fun time when this started playing on the ol' iPod while I was waiting for the movie to start.

And it was immediately followed by this.

I really did enjoy the movie.  I was able to walk to the theater since it is only a couple of blocks from the apartment. I printed my ticket at home and walked right in, there wasn't a line.  The theater ended up being a little over half full (I was the only single female) and most of the people stayed until the end of the credits.  I'm going to see it again this weekend but at matinee prices. 

The casting was inspired and did justice to the original actors.  One thing I did notice was that Zachary Quinto is about two inches taller than Leonard Nimoy.  Oh yeah, Chris Pine doesn't look like his father at all, with the added benefit of not having to work with Erik Estrada.

I give it four and a half stars out of five.


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