Sunday, May 10, 2009

Like A Bad Penny

If I was Colin Powell and knew where the bodies were buried I would seriously think about whether or not I owed any loyalty to the Bush/Cheney administration and then report immediately to the Hague, Spain or our most useless Justice department and clear my conscience.  Let the chips fall where they may but I wouldn't for one second more think about how I had compromised everything I held dear just to keep those bozos out of jail.  Neither the administration nor the Republican party deserves my loyalty since they haven't shown me any.

And what in the world makes Cheney think that he is a Republican, he's not.  What he is though, is a five time draft evader, a torturer, a traitor, a hate monger, a liar of the first order and a criminal for the war crimes he authorized and idolizes.  He is even slimier than Limpballs, and that is saying something. Why hasn't he faded into obscurity like every other vice president?  He doesn't deserve to be a Jeopardy question but he continues babbling his bushit on Sunday morning talk shows.  How to "Shoot Friends and Interrogate People".  Indeed.

Good grief, the twerp just can't shut up.  The person that is hurting this country the most is the same one who was hell bent on destroying it in the first place.  And his name isn't Osama or Obama, it is Cheney.  In my life there have been very few people that I have actively hated, they can be counted on one hand and don't include my thumb, but Cheney leads the pack.  I would rather be forced to live with my ex mother-in-law for the rest of my life than to have Cheney continue wouldn't be prudent for me to put into print.  Good God I hate that sorry ass excuse for a man.


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  1. Cheney is, first and foremost, an idiot. Maybe our MSM would like us to believe otherwise, but the evidence (as in, his entire life's history) makes that all too clear.

    Before his monkey went to swing from the chandeliers in Dallas, old crooked lip started bragging about what a great thing torture is in order to force his monkey to pardon him. That didn't happen, but Cheney is far too stupid to learn from a mistake. The tack he's taking is easy to understand; he thinks that if he constantly sounds off, the pols that were in power in his era will be too scared to go after him. HE may or may not be right about that, but his monkey basically middle-fingered him before he left office, so who knows?