Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Conspiracy For Dummies

After the 2000 election I thought the United States intellectual capital had reached bottom, but I was wrong.  The aftermath of 9/11 and the furious attempt to make someone, anyone pay for the tragedy proved that.  First it was innocent civilians in the country that harbored the soon to be forgotten Osama bin Laden.  But that wasn't enough to soothe the national psyche and so the military and the press were mobilized to attack and invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, that had no weapons of mass destruction (but did turn out to be the weapon of mass distraction) and no need for us to disrupt the fragile balance of power that was preventing internecine warfare.  And more innocent civilians paid the price.  To the average American with their yellow bumper sticker that was acceptable for more years than it should have been.

During the Clinton years what passed for public discourse took a serious right turn.  Into the gutter.  With the help of Fox News and a rotund drug addled pundit we were well on our way to becoming a hate nation.  Getting a blowjob from a consenting woman who isn't your wife is front page news for months.  Fraternizing with underage pages of the same sex, consorting with prostitutes while wearing a diaper, carrying on an affair in another country or while living in a Christian enclave, and soliciting other men in bathroom stalls while claiming to have the moral high ground is nothing to be ashamed of or investigated with the same zeal.  As long as you are a Republican.    Unfortunately for the GOP, one Republican did lose his political career over his sexual antics and is indirectly responsible for the president we now have in office. Very few people remember Jack Ryan (not the Tom Clancy guy) and his wishes to have sex with his now ex-wife Jeri Ryan in a public venue.

Having read all of the aforementioned Tom Clancy novels I can say I love a good conspiracy.  I still think there is more to the Kennedy assassination and while I don't believe that George Bush was behind 9/11, I do believe that the arrogance of the crew without a clue contributed to the success.  Underestimating your enemy is a good way for them to succeed.  So does ignoring presidential memos titled "Bin Laden determined to attack in US".  But this latest conspiracy is one I can't even entertain without a grimace and wondering how gullible and desperate some people can be.
When I was in the Army I went to see a JAG lawyer about my citizenship.  I was born in England in a USAF base hospital as it states on the birth certificate I can no longer find but my passport states that I am and American citizen.  My mother was not a citizen at the time (she became one two years later) and I was concerned.  The lawyer assured me that I was a natural born citizen and could run for president if I wanted because my father was a citizen and I was born on American soil even if it was located in England. 

Obama's mother was a US citizen and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.  The State of Hawaii has certified his birth and explained why they release the documents they do and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.  There were birth notices in two Hawaii newspapers two weeks after his birth forty years ago and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.  Obama has traveled on a US passport in and out of the country several times before becoming president and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.  Hilary Clinton didn't find anything and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.  The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the lawsuit and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.  Numerous newspapers and fact finding organizations have found the birther questions to be without merit and that should be the end of the matter.  But it isn't.

No matter what documents get produced, no matter if someone comes forward that attended his birth and attests to his being born in Hawaii, no matter what information is released, there will be no satisfying those people who rabidly believe that Obama was born in Kenya.  Because in the back of their minds there is no way America could produce a black man who could grow up to be president.  They are supposed to be singing, dancing, acting or in jail.  And that's it.  Anything more and they must be one of them foreigners.

We are on our way to becoming a nation of whiners, crying for do overs.  Don't like the governor of California?  Spend millions of dollars the state doesn't have and recall him.  Don't like the current President of the United States?  Make up spurious claims in the hope that he resigns in disgrace, gets impeached with evidence that isn't there (instead of impeaching the previous occupant with evidence that did and still does exist), or hope that someone you don't know enacts the Tiller solution.  Anything but face the truth.  A majority of Americans elected Obama as the lesser of two evils.

Those of us who had to suffer through eight years of a presidency that we thought was stolen know how you feel and you are going to have to do just what we did.  Wait for election day.  November 6, 2012 is your next opportunity to set things "right".  Until then, quit demeaning yourselves by ranting and raving about an issue that has no merit.  And no proof.


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