Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Morality Of The Right

Waah! Waah! Waah!  Imagine that you are capable of intelligent thought instead of being a self serving crybaby and conflating two separate issues in one whining article.  Yes, becoming a doctor is a grueling, time consuming and expensive endeavor.  But it is one which should be considered if your primary reason for doing it is to help people.  If it's to pad your pocketbook then you should have been a stockbroker.  Since when is earning a lot of money a moral right?
Now imagine how you would feel if the rest of us got together and proposed that the government should become the primary client for medical services. As part of the deal, the government will determine how much you will be paid. Lawyers, business executives, electricians, and plumbers (to name but a few) will all be allowed to command what the market will pay for their services-but not you. Simply because it is possible that a majority may be found who think this scheme is a good idea, you may lose all the benefits of offering your services in a free economy.

Is this situation really fair? Have your fellow citizens honored your inherent rights and freedoms? They have not, and this why a public option is so offensive. It represents a move by a majority of citizens to control the economic well-being of a person who has endured extraordinary hardship and trials in order to become a much-needed provider of medical services.
I've had doctors like him and it is one of the many reasons I don't trust them and why health care reform is so necessary. Ever since it became business oriented the quality of the care provided and the quality of the provider have suffered. We make fun of Cuba but we are just above them when it comes to health care outcomes. Perhaps people should think about that instead of "death panels".

Which is why I'm confused by something.  During Terri Schiavo's last weeks and after her death many people crafted living wills and discussed advanced directives with their loved ones and swore to each other they would never let that happen in their family.  So why is end of life counseling so bad now?  Nobody gets out of here alive but a little dignity would be nice.

Having repeated sex with a woman who isn't your wife isn't "legally wrong" according to John Ensign.   He feels this way because he didn't get on television and lie about his affair.  Here in Nevada serial adultery isn't legally wrong but in the Republican world it is supposed to be morally wrong.  Especially if your name is John Edwards.

When dealing with people going through a mid-life crisis I like to ask the question "would you let an 18 year old make a decision for you?" and the answer is always "of course not".  So then I ask 'why would you let a decision you made at 18 run the rest of your life?" and most people will say "that's a really good point".  Meanwhile, you can't legally buy cigarettes until you're 18, you can't legally drink until you're 21 but you can face life imprisonment at the age of twelve.  If society (and biology) judges you incapable of making good choices until your late teens and early twenties what in the world makes anyone think that a twelve year old has a grasp on life and how momentary impulses determine how their life will proceed from that point?  Twelve year olds aren't allowed to make their own health care decisions or decide whether or not they will attend school and occasionally they get to have some input on custodial arrangements during their parent's divorce but that is the limit of decisions they are trusted with. 

For a supposedly Christian nation we certainly are judgmental when it suits us.  John Ensign (51) knew what he was doing was wrong.  Every single time he had sex with his friend's wife.  And then he tried to cover it up.  With his parent's help.  That type of hypocritical behavior is deemed okay even though it is against one of the Ten Commandments (actually he broke two of them) the right is so fond of.  Demarco Harris (12) made a bad choice and broke one (possible future CIA or Blackwater employee?) but owned up to it.  A life sentence seems a little harsh for a twelve year old whose perception of time makes Christmas and birthdays seem to come rarely as opposed to a 50 year old where they always seem to be right around the corner.


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