Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dumb De Dumb Dumb

Did you see Wolf Blitzer on Jeopardy! Thursday night?  What an idiot and I say that because he didn't know anything.

I've watched Jeopardy! since it was Art James and Don Pardo and this was one of the worst performances I've ever seen by anybody. When they do a Celebrity Jeopardy the answers aren't as difficult as they are during regular play and nowhere near as difficult as Tournament play.  More along the lines of the Kids Tournament whose contestants are between ten and twelve years old.

It was Wolf, Dana Delaney and Andy Richter.  After the first five questions, Andy took off and never looked back.  32 questions correct and 2 wrong.  Dana was pretty accurate, 11 correct and 2 wrong, but Andy was quicker on the trigger and she didn't get much of a chance to give the correct question.  And Wolf?  5 right and 6 wrong.  William Hurt's character in Broadcast News would probably have done better.  Try and convince me the news isn't scripted.

Wolf was negative going in to Final Jeopardy, they gave him a $1000 dollars because it's for charity and he still missed the final question.  Category was Famous Actors and the answer was:
Ironically, he lost the leading role in the 1960 play "The Best Man" because he didn't look presidential.
That has to be the easiest Final Jeopardy answer they've ever had.  And he missed it.  Seriously.  How could anybody over the age of fifteen not know that it was Ronnie Raygun?  Wolfie, did you even bring your thinking cap to the show?  I guess not knowing the definition of irony and being incapable of remembering that only one actor has been elected president would preclude one from using logic to figure out the question.  Plus, he proved he couldn't spell and he didn't know where Jesus was born.

It looks like actors and comedians have as much right to voice their opinions on politics as the newscasters do and with a little more knowledge to back them up.  No wonder the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are considered trusted sources for news.  They may be comedians but at least they know something besides reading from a teleprompter.  I wonder how many people sent Wolfie this.

It should be his new theme song.


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