Thursday, September 24, 2009

This 'N That

As long as the Republican party continues with it's current teabagging ways, as long as the GOP continues to eliminate or prevent programs that increase the educational and social opportunities of minorities, there will be few minorities who will run for or win political office by identifying themselves as Republicans.

How can you not know that you're fat?  When your clothing consist of flowered prints and the size is followed by at least one X, you're fat.  If you're walking and stop to look at an item and parts of your body are still moving, you're fat.  If you sit in a chair and any part of you spills over the sides, you're fat.  The people around you shouldn't determine whether you are overweight or not, common sense and a mirror should be all you need.

Have you seen the McDonald's map?  The furthest away you will ever be in the contiguous 48 states is 107 miles.  No wonder we're plumping up at an ever increasing rate.

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen.  "Since Aunt Jemima stuck her tongue right in Mrs. Butterworth's flapjack", priceless, absolutely priceless.  Watching you try not to crack up brought back fond memories of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

Yup,  I do feel this way about politicians.



  1. We have an entrenched, dynastic political class, which should mean the end of the republic relatively soon, judging by historical events.

    One wonders how many nations will calve from it. What one doesn't wonder about is what kind of a place Dixie will be.

  2. We're headed for a fall, that's for sure. We will crack into a minimum of three and it could go as high as five, just like that Russian guy predicted a few months ago. Nine years ago we would have said this was impossible, now it looks more than probable.

    Very depressing.