Monday, September 14, 2009

Odds And Ends

First butter was bad for you, then it was better than margarine with its transfats.  Eggs were bad for you, then they weren't.  Fish was good for you, now it has too much mercury.  Today's new health scare? Showers are bad for you.  Next thing you know swallowing saliva over a long period of time will cause cancer.  George Carlin always was ahead of his time.  Meanwhile, some guy in Texas is serving up Deep-Fried Butter.

Shai Shai and Shadow have me well trained.  Oh, they sit when I want them to, come when they are called but I'm under no illusions as to who is really in charge.  Those kisses they give me are because they want something. or they're my reward for doing something right.  They get fed before I have my tea, they go to the park or I have to put up with a lot of sneezing and shaking of the head, followed by a single authoritative bark if I don't get up from the computer.  The Geico eyeballs will blink long before they do.  I cook lamb and rice to add to their lamb and rice kibble because they expect demand people food of some sort and I won't feed them table scraps.  When fresh vegetables are chopped they hang around waiting for oopsies.  And they get them.  Shadow is happy with carrots but Shai prefers asparagus and broccoli.  Do I need to know the secrets of my dog's mind?  Not necessarily but I would like to think I'm not disappointing them.

Government may be one toxic asset, but it pays your salary and ensures you have health care Mr. Paul.  I agree that the economic recovery has not included the people, but one shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Government has its place, I wish we could all agree on what it is.


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  1. I always said that man did not domesticate the common housecat, it was the other way around. Sounds like dogs are the same way :).

    My understanding is that Ron Paul actually does not accept his Congressional salary and refuses to accept or participate in the Congressional pension plan. To that extent, he does put his money where his mouth is. I might think Ron Paul is an idiot who has no conception of what it takes to keep a modern technological civilization going, but he at least is not a hypocritical idiot, which is not true of the majority of Republicans, who are quite happy to point at "immoral" Democrats while hiking the Appalachian trail to adultery and engaging in toe-tappingly hilarious sodomy.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin