Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Please Clarify

Why do Republicans feel that our current so-called liberal President should only appoint conservatives to posts while a conservative president does not need to appoint any liberals while in office.  Why is their point of view so much more important than mine?  I'm an American citizen and I deserve representation also.  Why does it always have to be a one way street with these guys?

Stand and deliver?  From the Democrats?  Have you started inhaling?  I love ya Bill, but the spineless toads we have as representatives are more like run and hide.  The Republicans may be the party of no, but the Democrats have become the party of no balls.  Except for that Barney Frank guy.

And while I am also loathe to have a discussion with a dining room table, to Saxby Chambliss I say "Fuck you!"  I hardly ever cuss on my blog and I'm not an Obama supporter per se, but Mr. Chambliss really has gone one step over the line.  Whether you like it or not, Obama is the president and deserves the respect due that office.  The President doesn't have to express humility any more than Mr. Chambliss has to express intelligence.  And since Chambliss hasn't expressed any intelligence (but his racist freak flag is flying), I hope Obama doesn't express any humility during his speech to those who are supposedly our elected representatives but in actuality are highly paid goons sponsored by so many lobbyists and special interest groups that they have become the death panels that some nitwitted politician has so helpfully brought to our attention.

The American people have become expendable and it is the corporations über alles.  The minute healthcare reform became about health insurance reform the battle was lost.  Debtor's prisons are going to have to be built for the people who won't be able to pay for the mandates or the thirty five percent of their medical costs that won't be covered because they can't afford the top tier plan.  I want Medicare and I don't want to wait until I'm sixty five.  Medical care is a right, not a privilege.  The emergency room isn't treatment, it's a fall back position.  Oh yeah, when people can't afford car insurance or a car, they take public transportation.

Farrah Fawcett dies and Schwarzenegger cuts spending for victims of domestic violence.  The two probably have nothing to do with each other but the timing worked so I threw it in there.  Whatever the reason, domestic violence shelters are beginning to close their doors  during an economic downturn when violence typically increases.  It takes real arrogance for an overbuilt man to think that women and children who are beaten and abused will be able to change their situation without help and a safe place to stay.  Even in this day and age the police are not always willing to help victims of domestic violence, otherwise they would enforce protective orders a little more vigilantly.

It's interesting how the right wing thinks that every life is sacred.  At least until it's born, then it's every man for themselves.  Women are only supposed to do what they're told and have lots of babies that neither they or the planet can afford.  And if kids reach eighteen in one piece the right wing is all too willing to send them off to war or put them to death for an increasing number of crimes.  Education, housing, food, economic security and health care are for the peasants to provide for themselves.  If the kids do make it to old age the right wing is suddenly interested in them all over again to ensure that the elderly suffer until their last painful breath because nobody should interfere with God's will.  The right wing call themselves Christians because they say they believe in Jesus but they want the world to operate by way of the Old Testament.  What's up with that?


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  1. The minute healthcare reform became about health insurance reform the battle was lost.

    Ain't that the truth, I'm trying to figure out how I can apply for health insurance in Texas just so I can cut the cost in half.