Thursday, September 10, 2009

Temper Tantrum Thursday

California has tumbled into the sea.  Of stupidity.  Yesterday while everyone was occupied with former state senator Mike Duvall and his drippy mistress, the Governor/Dictator threatened to veto everything that crosses his desk unless he gets exactly what he wants.  This includes such things as a welcome home Vietnam Veteran's Day and health and dental insurance for children.  Nothing like making your bones on the backs of innocent children or veterans who served the country faithfully.
The Senate withdrew all of its 43 bills from the Republican governor's desk for temporary safekeeping. But in an act of defiance, the Assembly left on his desk a bill that would designate March 30 as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day."

"I dare the governor to veto this bill," said Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, before the close of Tuesday's session.

Shortly afterward, Schwarzenegger accepted the dare and vetoed Assembly Bill 264.

"Our state is facing significant challenges, including the need for comprehensive changes in our policies on water, energy, and corrections and the need to take meaningful steps to stimulate the economy and rein in the rising levels of unemployment," Schwarzenegger wrote in his veto message. "This bill does nothing to address any of these issues. I look forward to considering this measure when these other major issues are addressed."
A good portion of the deficit wouldn't exist if Arnold hadn't revoked the vehicle license fee and given large corporations tax breaks that they didn't need and won't pass the savings on to the consumers.  Waiting until the infrastructure falls down or forest fires are blazing out of control is penny wise and pound foolish.  But that's how legislatures roll nowadays.  Take from the poor and give to the rich.  I loved this comment that went with the article in the Sacramento Bee and it should become the rallying cry for all taxpayers.
It's not about the person that happens to occupy the position of governor in this state, and people need to stop doing the right versus left b.s.. You're all part of a game if you come on here and talk about how bad the folks are with the D's or the R's by their name. Ya'll need to wake up and realize that there is a group of people running our government and our lives, that don't give a rat's patootie about us, as long as we keep paying taxes and filling up their coffers. Folks on the left side and the right side need to STOP playing the game and realize that we're all getting screwed by "them". Stop fighting the other side and DEMAND and that your representatives in government do what is best for the people that pay their salaries.
Like that's going to happen.  Meanwhile, the poverty train is adding new cars.  The more jobs that are cut the less people there are to spend money and more jobs get cut.  Don't you just love merry-go-rounds?

The poor people of South Carolina.  On the one hand they have the magnificent Stephen Colbert and on the other they have a governor who committed adultery on the taxpayer's dime and doesn't have the decency to resign even though he has been asked by his own party to vacate the premises.  In addition to that they also have a representative who can't observe the rules of decorum during a president's speech and feels comfortable calling the President a liar on national television in the midst of his speech.  Mr. Wilson was an Army Reserve Officer and has four children serving in the military and he knows that he is supposed to respect the office if he can't respect the person.  Genteel he is not.

Feeling sorry for the victims in the wrong way driving deaths in New York is natural and wanting some type of closure is also natural.  Michael Bastardi is justified to feel anger but he needs to direct it at the person who caused the accident, not who she was married to.  Mr. Shuler lost his wife, daughter and three nieces while also worrying about whether his son would survive.  Accusing him of involvement or implying that he had a role in the accident is cruel, mean spirited and evil.  It also shows that Mr. Bastardi (it's hard to put that "i" on the end) wants to profit monetarily from his father and brother's death.  This is a no win situation and trying to get revenge by ruining one more person's life by making blanket statements and accusations of a cover-up from someone who was miles away when the accident happened, is foolish.  Ever since 9/11 Americans have been determined to make someone pay, even if it isn't the someone who caused the tragedy.


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