Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Morning Musings

The judge is crazier than the defendant.  Wondering whether the cow was confused because the defendant's penis didn't produce milk is inexcusable.  The defendant is a deviant and should be forced to get professional help.  And the judge shouldn't anthropomorphize.

If I was Michael Steele I would be careful about calling anyone a nutjob and most certainly not when they are speaking the truth.  While I wanted Bush tried for his crimes against humanity it never would have occurred to me to advocate his death, something that cannot be said of those on the right when they talk about Obama or Clinton.  Or did he miss the now famous Facebook poll asking if Obama should be killed or John L. Perry's article (now removed) stating that a "bloodless military coup" might be necessary to restore the Constitution.  That wouldn't be the same Constitution that Bush regarded as just a piece of paper is it?  And my mind is not tiny.  Because Mr. Perry once worked for Jimmy Carter doesn't make him any less of  a conservative.  Or has everyone forgotten that Dick Morris used to work for Bill Clinton?

Are some personality traits present at birth?  I used to worry a lot, mainly about aches and pains and an irrational fear of the dark, but I grew out of it in my twenties.  According to mom, and she should know, even though I was sickly (asthma), I wasn't a fussy baby.  She says I used to sit in a corner and watch people while laughing to myself.  And I'm not that much different now according to a former classmate.  I've always been an observer.  I used to wonder about it as a child, why didn't I like to participate?  I don't mind speaking in front of lots of people but I enjoy being alone even more, especially after being surrounded by excess stimulation.  When I was in high school I was known as the girl with the book because I always had one with me and would read it in a crowd of people while peeping over the top.  As an adult I prefer my iPod because most people won't bother me when I have the headphones on and I can watch them in peace.  Very weird.

Speaking of reading books, the banned book list is out.  I've read two of the Philip Pullman novels but I got bored and didn't even start the third.  I hated Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer for the same reasons.  As a child I was allowed to read anything I wanted, I read On The Beach and A Summer Place in the fifth grade and Playboy for most of my adolescence and the only influence they had was to was to increase my reading skills and to keep an open mind.  Trying to pull books from the library in an effort to protect kids from something you don't approve of is likely to lead to children who don't read at all and automatically distrust anything new to their existence.  Sort of like their parents.


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  1. The editors at Newsmax need to have their heads examined. What the hell were they thinking with the Perry article? Oh wait, I bet they don't have editors.