Monday, October 05, 2009

Guano Loco

Orly Taitz.  Watching her on the The Daily Show made me suspect she didn't have both oars in the water and now I'm pretty sure she's missing the plastic thingy that holds a six pack together.

Jon Gosselin.  I don't watch TLC (or any reality shows) so I haven't been following the trials and tribulations of Kate Plus Eight except what pops up in the entertainment section of GReader.  What I do know is that no matter how difficult Kate may be, Jon is nothing but a whiny crybaby.  He does not have his kid's best interests at heart and seems to think that his wife owes him a living while he cavorts with babysitters and publicity whores.  He has spoken on national television about how he doesn't love (the actual word was despise) his wife and that he loves his newest bed mate more than he ever loved his wife.  Taking $230,000 dollars from the joint bank account and leaving his children without a source of income while he cavorts unencumbered by responsibility shows a narcissistic personality disorder and severely impaired judgment.

McDonald's next to the Louvre.  That should wipe the smile right off of the Mona Lisa.

Overcriminalization.  A six month federal investigation and two years in the federal pen for growing orchids without the proper paperwork.  What's next?  Two years for not putting the proper sticker on a UPS package? Oh wait, that was in the story too.

Anyone who thinks that the insurance companies are in the business to provide affordable health care.


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