Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boobs And Boobies

Don't make me puke.  The twit is going to be signing her book at Costco, down the street from my house.  She will probably get a great reception since this is a conservative area, but it didn't look like her book was selling as well as the Star Trek video.  I was at another store yesterday and some guy in line brought up her name and asked wouldn't it be funny if she was elected in 2012.  I said it would be a disaster and the woman directly behind the man looked extremely offended.  I then proceeded to list a few logical reasons why Palin isn't qualified and caught the woman nodding her head over two of them.  It looks like people are going to have be deprogrammed on an individual basis as the media is too busy basking in its own reflection to do its job.   That would be to report the news, not try and make it.
But the past week's media Palin-palooza has been more than a little over the top, even for a news corps that devotes wall-to-wall coverage to a helium balloon that isn't carrying a small child.
The diaper man doesn't know if Loving v. Virginia was correctly decided.  Methinks he's been pampered a little too long.

Running for office after office.  Whatever happened to serving the people and doing the job you were elected for?  It's all about them and their authoritarian dreams.  If we invaded from another solar system it would only be a matter of weeks before they started running for President of the Universe.

The new breast cancer guidelines have quite a few people with their knickers in a knot.  I've been getting squished every year since I was 35 because of a false positive.  Every year I step up to a machine, flop one on the freezer plate, stand at an anatomically inconvenient angle and have a truck run over it while I hold my breath.  Then I change sides.  Digital mammography is more accurate for women in their forties but insurance companies prefer the cheaper avenue.  That is true health care rationing, changing the guideline isn't.  And at exactly what age should men get screened for breast cancer?  My issue with the new guidelines is that self exam shouldn't be taught by doctors.  What will the immature male do for a Halloween costume if that's eliminated? 


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