Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning Rant

Has anybody considered the idea that if Democrats and Republicans had to vote in each others primaries instead of their own, that we might have better candidates to choose from?  Both sides could run their own candidates but then the voters could decide who they hated least in the primaries and the general elections could be reserved for who they liked more.  We might end up with politicians who appeal to the majority instead of the wingnuts.  As a plus, people might start thinking their vote really mattered.

Steve Doocy believes that the Stupak Amendment will "make it very clear that federal money will not be used to end a life."  I guess it's magic fairy dust that pays for executions.  Or that once a child is born, it isn't a life.

This is so wrong.  One of the commenters at CBS Political Hotsheet compared Palin to Jesus on the cross.  It's a good thing the Bible says he rose from the dead otherwise he would be spinning in his grave.  Like a nuclear powered top.

by 50BMS13 November 17, 2009 3:20 AM EST
This article is nonsense. SARAH PALIN WILL BE THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! She is Beautiful, Bright, and has Braun. She FAR MORE QUALIFIED than Obama to run this country. As Lou Dobbs said today,"Obama is mis-managing the USA" All the hate I see posted here makes me think of what Jesus said when he was dying. Jesus said "Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing". A lot of posters here don't realize it now, but you will love Sarah Palin when she puts our great country back on track. She will know how to deal with Ahmadinejad and Kim Il Jong. She won't kiss muslim a** and "waiter bow" to foreign heads of state. She won't apologize for the American way to the world. You will all see this soon enough. Please keep an open mind my friends and don't listen to all the poison posts of hate people put up. She never lies. She knows lots of stuff. She can kill a moose, gut it, and cook it. She has been Mayor, Governor, and VP candidate. Great days are ahead of us. The future is bright!
On track to where?  Due to the great corporate policies of off-shoring jobs and manufacturing, we don't make anything here anymore and until we do, we are not going to recover.  I'm sorry, but the woman isn't qualified to be a dog catcher much less President of the United States.  I realize that Bush set the bar pretty low but politics isn't the limbo, it's more like the high jump.  The idea is to step over the bar, not under it.  At least it used to be.  Going Rogue or Going Rouge, it really doesn't matter.  She's had more fame and shame than she deserves and it's time for the country to find a different American Idiot.

As the country recovered from World War II, the unions prospered.  And when the unions prospered, everyone else did also.  Men made a wage that enabled them to pay for the roof over their families heads, put food on the table, take a vacation once in a while, save for retirement and put at least one of their children through college.  All without government help.

Medical care wasn't an issue if you had a job and most schools not only taught reading, writing and arithmetic, they also had chemistry and biology labs, sports, art, wood shop, choir, band classes, automotive shops, drama classes and field trips.  Quite a few people were happy.  My, how times have changed.
At the Division of Family and Children Services, Keasha Taylor, 36 and black, helped explain the system recently to a white mother. Ms. Taylor, who was there because her family had been evicted, told the mother, who was in line for food stamps, that a child with acute asthma might be eligible for Social Security.

“Right now, a lot of white people are in this situation,” Ms. Taylor said, recalling the conversation later. “We’re already used to poverty; they’re really not.”
In the eighties, corporations and politicians began accusing the unions of ruining the country.  They decimated whole towns by shipping work off to the other side of the world in order to avoid paying union wages and to increase corporate and shareholder profits.  They were extremely successful.  They no longer provide jobs here in America and Americans can no longer afford to buy their products.  Heck, they can't even afford to keep their homes.

Meanwhile, cities and towns lost their tax base, hospitals closed and schools became rundown and all but a few classes were eliminated.  This is now the fault of the SEIU (why is it that I specifically searched for news stories and the majority of the stories were from blogs?) and teacher's unions, with the reasoning being that the unions are thugs, they are protecting incompetent people and if the unions didn't exist everything would be better.  Taxes would go down, even thought they are much less than in the sixties, and everyone would have a job due to the trickle down effect. 

The only thing trickling down is brown, stinky and increasing.  There will be no pony and there will be no freedom.  During the last Depression, people were able to grow some of their food and barter for other necessities.  How can you barter when your neighbor has less than you do?  How is the next generation going to compete on the global stage when they don't have the tools they need to compete or the critical thinking to tell the difference?

Today's politicians are proud that they believe that evolution and climate change are a crock of bull, right up until they get a disease that can only be cured by more research or their waterfront property washes away, and don't mind eliminating funding for science and education as if the future is less important than a past that existed three hundred years ago.  Then they screech about the Taliban (not too fond of people committing crimes in their name) and how they must be stopped in order to preserve American freedoms.

What freedoms would those be?  Other than the right to bear arms and put people to death at will, not many spring to mind.  Freedom of speech only applies if you aren't disagreeing with the uber right's point of view.  Freedom of religion only applies if you're Christian.  And you had better be the right type of Christian.   It's hard to have freedom of the press when they bought and sold their own soul. The freedom to be secure in your own home or person hasn't existed in years.  Amendments Five through Eight only apply if you are rich and powerful and the Ninth and Tenth are only used when politicians can't get around the first eight.  The only one that hasn't been abridged in the last few years is the Third and they got around that in New Orleans by sending in Blackwater

How can we return to a time when America was great if we don't have anything to build on except hate and fear?  How is voting for any politician going to do anything except rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic?  The American people fell for empty hope and change promises last year and all they got was Bush not white.

Putting an idiot in office won't fix the problems we have as a nation.  Investing in our people will.  We need jobs and in order to have jobs we need to make something and make it well.  Americans need jobs that will pay their bills, not put money into executive pockets that are already so full that they don't have a concept of how the majority of Americans are suffering and have the balls to say that it's God's will.

Codswallop is more like it.



  1. Has anybody considered the idea that if Democrats and Republicans had to vote in each others primaries instead of their own, that we might have better candidates to choose from?

    No doubt! Sort of reminds me of the old maxim (form a long gone sci-fi novel): Anybody who deliberately angles for high public office should be automatically disqualified. Therefore the best way of choosing one's leader is a lottery.

  2. Not to go all geeky on you, but I first saw that in The Legion of Super Heroes comic book. Cosmic Boy's mother was one of the three picked by computer to run for President of Earth and 30 days later, she won.

    Now that's my idea of a campaign season.