Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Insanity And Heartlessness

I'd say that Malkin is out of her mind, but that assumes she has one and you know what they say about assuming.  She does have an extremely fertile imagination and an inability to face reality which is reminiscent of most people who are off their rockers. The never right wing of the GOP would like to blame the loss of NY-23 on Dede Scozzafava when it was themselves who engineered the defeat of their party in a district that hadn't voted for a Democratic representative in 138 years.  They sabotaged the original candidate and totally forgot about the people who actually live in the district while engaging in their hate filled campaign to purge the party.  Bloodletting isn't a viable option in medicine and it doesn't look like it's that good for politics either.

Ever since Reagan broke PATCO the average joe in this country has been headed down the path to financial ruin.  Jobs have disappeared at a phenomenal rate, only to reappear in another country done by workers who are paid as little as possible.  Levis are no longer manufactured in America along with many other products that kept the American worker employed and able to purchase those same products.  Meanwhile in the lala land that exists in corporate boardrooms, much joy was to be found in their ever expanding bottom line.  Until so many Americans were out of work that products couldn't be sold and more layoffs ensued.  Homes were lost, families uprooted and gypsies were created.  Can serfdom be far behind?  40 acres and a mule sounds pretty good in comparison to what some people have now, which is nothing.

Balancing the budget on the backs of the people who can least afford it.  Then they die.  And not one Republican complained about that death panel.

Had my first appointment at the VA hospital yesterday and was more than pleasantly surprised.  I got my seasonal flu shot, had my blood work done and the longest visit I have ever had with a doctor.  I feel like I was listened to, viable suggestions were made and it didn't cost me a thing.  Except for the time I spent in the military.  My prescriptions are being mailed to me and outreach programs to increase my quality of life are available.  If I was homeless there would be even more help to get me back on my feet.  And they have an emergency room.

Speaking of emergency rooms, I had to take mom in on Sunday.  It looked like she had broken her wrist but after taking her blood pressure she was moved directly into a room.  Her EKG shows that her heartbeat is irregularly irregular and that isn't a good thing.  When she sleeps she isn't getting enough oxygen and her heartbeat goes haywire.  Her COPD is getting worse and that is accelerating her dementia.  I feel sorry for her but now it's all about the waiting.  Not a peep from either brother, am I obligated to let them know when she passes?


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