Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pet Centricity

While Shadow might sit through a church service because she likes being with me, Shai Shai never would.  Her need to get love and attention from humans is pretty strong and with her friendly face and wiggling butt (her tail is curled against her back, so her butt moves when she wags her tail) most people can't resist her.  On the other hand she seems to make the people who pet her feel better and they smile more.

Which is why I would never consider eating her.  For any reason, even if I was starving to death.  Robert and Brenda Vale can take their idea and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.  For most people that would be their ass but for them it seems to be the place where their heart should be located.  My dogs don't eat beef, chicken, wheat, corn or soy and the companionship they provide is worth more than gold.  It's one thing to be green and another to be viciously stupid.  Using the argument that dogs are eaten in other countries isn't a good reason, didn't their parents teach them that if your friends jump off a cliff you don't have to follow them?

Not only can a cat has cheeseburger, it can also have H1N1, which directly contradicts the email alert I received two days ago.  There is no reason to panic, the cat caught it from its humans and is recovering nicely.  To prevent your pet from contracting it wash your hands, cover your coughs and don't play with them if you feel like you have the flu.  Duh.

BadTux must be so proud that one of his own has had a thirteen year relationship with a human.  Isn't that sweet?

World of Warcraft has virtual pets for sale.  What the heck is a lich?  And why would you want an imitation pet when you can have the real thing?


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