Friday, November 13, 2009

There Will Be A Republican President In 2012

And why? Because there are few true Democrats in office and those of us who have regularly voted Democrat are going to vote with our butts. As in not voting, donating or participating in a political process that consistently discriminates against a majority of the population and tells us that it will be for the best to take the least troublesome road.  Taking one for the team.  What a joke.  It's more like spreading your legs and pretending to enjoy being raped.  

Having met Obama when he was at Occidental College, I knew from experience that he was not going to be the best president for the women of the party.  He was insufferably arrogant, had no respect for women and nothing has changed since then.  It was always about him and never about the people who supported him or what they needed.  Talk is cheap and gays, women and other disenfranchised Americans are finally seeing the true man behind the curtain.  He has always been the embodiment of "enough about me, what do you think about me?"

Imitation health care reform is a good case in point.  What kind of "reform" excludes women?  How are women who have jobs that consistently pay them less than men doing the same work with the same education so they are dependent on the crumbs that men leave for them, feed the unwanted children they are forced to have and satisfy their Viagra charged husbands ever going to have equality?

While I am past the age of worrying about getting pregnant, it disturbs me that young women are being forced back into the Donna Reed era.  It boggles my mind that I had sex education classes in the fourth grade in the sixties but today's girls are taught abstinence instead.  I'm willing to bet that none of my classmates in fourth, fifth and sixth grade had unwanted children because we all knew the consequences of sex on the stick figures used in the class.  Birth control was explained to us, in detail, in the seventh grade.  Who knew that schools located on military bases during the cold war would turn out to be so progressive in comparison to today's education system?

When I joined the Army I met women who didn't know that sex was the cause of pregnancy.  IVF hadn't been invented then so there really wasn't any other way but that's beside the point.  High school graduates who didn't have a clue as to how their body worked.  While I may have found it hysterically funny that someone would think that because I was biracial that one breast would give white milk and the other chocolate, I also found it terribly sad.  Granted I was in Alabama and the other girl was from Tennessee, but that is no excuse.

Women are not playthings, we are not baby factories, we are not sex toys, we are equal human beings.  We have thoughts, feelings and dreams just like the boys and men around us and deserve to be treated like the intelligent persons we can be when we are given the same opportunities.  We want to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, astronauts, accountants and parents, not gestational vehicles for men who need pharmaceutical help to recapture the glory days of their youth.  But thanks to the Stupak amendment that is the role young women will be forced to play.

My own attitude toward paying for abortions has always been the same.  Everyone is entitled to one mistake and one that affects the lifetimes of the people involved almost always requires a little outside help.  That being said, while I'm willing to have my tax dollars pay for one abortion, I am not willing for it to be on a repetitive basis.  Sex education and birth control should be one of the requirements for any type of government help.  Then you are on your own.  Except in unusual circumstances such as the life or health of the mother and the viability of the fetus.  Would the fetus be able to survive if the parents are unable to provide for it without government help?  I've worked with developmentally delayed adults and know how devastated and lost they become when their parents die and their siblings move on.

Conservatives always want it both ways.  All children should be born in every circumstance and then no matter how impaired the child is, they are to survive without government help.  Poor women shouldn't have abortions or convenient access to birth control, while at the same time their husbands are getting free samples and subsidized prescriptions for "erectile dysfunction" so they can have sex everyday.  No matter what the consequences.

With the mindset described above it won't be long before spousal rape is a thing of the past, every woman should be providing for her husband's sexual needs whenever he desires.  As women lose control over their own bodies, their lives are sure to follow.  When my ex and I bought a house in 1978 my income wasn't included because I might have a baby and be unable to work, can those days be far behind?

Historically Democrats have been the party of women, but women's votes are no longer treated with respect and since we won't have candidates that represent our views it doesn't really matter who runs the country.  It won't be us or anyone sympathetic to our wishes.

Democrats may have won this battle for false health care reform, but they have lost the war.  Which wouldn't surprise me as being their goal all along.  There are very few other conclusions that can be drawn from their willingness to do nothing that the people who voted them into office have asked for and everything to do with who bankrolled their campaigns.  If Democrats won't represent women when they have a majority in Congress as well as a Democratic president, what good are they?

Any way you look at it, women are going to be worse off in 2012 than they are today and the eighties and nineties really will have been the golden years for women.  The young women of today are in for a rude surprise if they think they can rest on the laurels of those who protested before them.  They've been braless for so long they can't conceive of an age where it was a requirement.  If they aren't willing to fight for their rights why would those of us who blazed the way want to revisit an issue that we thought was resolved, for a generation that takes so many rights for granted that they are willing to stand by and return to second class status?  If Democrats don't start changing their attitude toward women most of us won't support the party in 2012 unless the opposing candidate is the equivalent of Osama bin Laden.  And that should frighten someone.


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