Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Morning Musings

The commentators at Faux News want the military to screen Muslims and thinks that they should be treated as potential threats.  How 1940s.   And just a few days after running the story of the 442nd Regiment and the 65thh anniversary of their rescue of a Texas infantry regiment during WWII.  Crazy people are just that, crazy.  It doesn't mean that everyone who is Muslim is crazy.  Or a terrorist.

Emphasizing the three Rs means that other courses get lost, such as history.  A survey in Britain revealed that kids between 9 and 15 have a rather inaccurate view of the past, such as Hitler was a soccer coach and Auschwitz was a WWII amusement park.  The Holocaust was the celebration of the end of the war and that America entered the war because a nuclear bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbor. 
Twelve percent of respondents said the symbol of Britain's Remembrance Day is the golden arches of McDonald's, rather than the poppy.
I wonder how American kids would have answered the questions.

The insurance company rescue bill has passed.  Thank goodness I have VA health care.  My doctor actually listens to me, explains his reasoning and follows up to make sure he covered all the bases.  Everyone should be so lucky.  The minute health care reform became about insurance reform the battle was lost.  Money talked and reform walked.  Health care will not become less expensive and as more companies move their jobs overseas there will be fewer jobs that provide health insurance benefits.  Soon the only people who will have coverage will be the Congress critters, their constituents can only hope that Doctors Without Borders will provide services to Americans in addition to serving other Third World countries.

Sacramento politicians are whining again.  The poor widdle babies.  Making $116,000 a year and they're protesting a cut to their additional $35,000 a year per diem rate, a $400 month car allowance and free health care.  Their constituents are unemployed or work for companies who have cut benefits and increased premiums and the state lawmakers don't think it's fair for them to have to do the same. An 18 percent cut in benefits has them up in arms while other state employees who actually provide services to the public and make much less have had their salaries cut by 18 percent by eliminating their work days and calling it a furlough. It must be nice to have a job where the first requirement is that you are clueless.  Marie Antoinette would be so proud.

Yes, the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, but why does someone who isn't a member of a "well regulated militia" have the right to deprive innocent bystanders of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  The last few days the news has been filled with the unfortunate shootings at Ft. Hood, Orlando and now Amarillo.  It's pretty sad when a tourist can't stop in a bar without being shot for no reason.  How many dead people will it take before American society realizes that not everyone can or should have a gun?  Charles Whitman shocked the nation in 1966 and forty three years later nuts are still running around with guns and a willingness to use them.

Diarrhea of the mouth?  You betcha!  Someone as ethically and morally challenged as the quitbull should keep her mouth shut and attend to the problems in her own family before telling other people what they can, cannot or might do.

I want a cloaking device.  Not to hide me, just my fat.  I'm more into the Eureka personal model than the Star Trek battleship model.


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