Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lowering The Bar

What kind of creep do you have to be to break in to a family's home three days after they were killed in a car crash?  It's bad enough that the parents and two kids were broadsided by a drunk driver who ran a red light at seventy miles an hour as they were returning from a family vacation in Hawaii, but it takes a real lowlife to break into their home and steal their possessions and their car before their bodies have been buried.  Hopefully these morons will plead guilty because it's going to be difficult to find an impartial jury.

Protecting the institution of marriage by banning gays from being married is better than banning divorce, because it would be "impractical" according to the California Family Council. Two people of the same sex pledging their lives to one another is wrong but it's okay for people to get married in a drunken stupor and get divorced three days later.  On the other hand, some people try marriage (and divorce) three times before realizing that they are gay.  How is marriage protected when it can be undone at will?  Maybe the 47.9% of heterosexual marriages that end in divorce should have been prevented?

As if stealing from dead people wasn't bad enough, stealing $100,000 worth of toys and food from an agency that helps the poor is worse.  Scumbags.

I don't accept his apology either.  I'm not his wife or child and it isn't any of my business so I don't need an apology.  He deserves the apology for people intruding on his life.  Everyone is entitled to privacy, even if they are in the public spotlight.  It isn't like he's a Lohan, Hilton or Salahi who seeks fame for fame's sake or someone who sees an opportunity to grub for money.  And since it didn't happen on the golf course, why should it affect his career?  My senator was fooling around with his best friend's wife and he still has a job.

How can a female soldier die from being shot in the back of the head and it not be considered murder?  That is happened on a "secure" base in Iraq is even more mystifying and why is it taking the military so long to solve the case?  Don't they watch NCIS?

If it wasn't for mom's social security deposit, we would be unbanked also.  Three weeks after B of A raided my account for the California government and charged me $100 for the privilege in addition to $105 for not paying my bills, I have yet to receive notification or any official paperwork.  California isn't getting the disputed tax money and my bills aren't paid, but B of A made a couple of hundred dollars at everyone's expense.  I'd rather pay three dollars to Wal-Mart to cash a check and then run around town and pay my bills in cash.  I wonder if Arnold is going to have his bank account raided for his back taxes?  Somehow, I doubt it.

Speaking of the IRS, they are trying to auction off lands that belong to the Crow Creek Indian Reservation using the pretext of back taxes.  There must be undiscovered oil or gold.   Considering that the land originally belonged to them before they were hunted down and forced to exist on land that barely supports insects, this is some real chutzpah. 


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